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I had a similar problem and it turned out to be a faulty Camshaft sensor. The car was misfiring on startup and at speeds from 30-40 mph under load (up a slight grade). ! It cost me over $1000 and eight months of problems to get there.

I had a bad wiring harness on mine. The wiring that is routed to several sensors and the alternator are routed near the engine head/valve cover and the insulation on the wires inside the harness casing melts over time. (usually cannot be seen by simple visual inspection.)This was causing a multitude of intermittent problems. Several cars we checked in wrecking yards had similar deteriorated wiring harnesses.

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Q: What else could make a 1992 Buick Century miss if the spark plugs and wires were replaced and nothing comes up on the codes when it was put on a computer?
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