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Q: What environment did the saber-toothed cat live in?
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What is the biggest prehistoric cat?

There were three recognized species of Smilodon, or sabertoothed cat. The largest was Smilodon Populator, at over 800 pounds, the largest cat that ever lived.

When did sabertoothed tigers exist?

They existed during the pleistocene (tertiary) era about 10,000 B.C.

What type of environment does your animal live in?

My animal live in our house. He is a domestic short hair cat.

What type of living environment does a Maine coon cat live in?

most live in homes with people

How did the first people live during the ice age?

They would eat the ice if need be, and hunt wooly mammoths and sabertoothed tigers and eat them.

What is a woolly mammoths predator?

Sabertoothed tiger

What eats lettuce coral?

sabertoothed tigers.

Where can you find eagle?

you can mosly find eagles in the anuses of a sabertoothed bear.

What environment does your cat need?

Depends on the cat.

What is being done to help the sand cat?

I think people are leaving them alone, so that way they can live in a safe environment

Will cat worms live outside the cat?

No. They live inside the cat

Why are cats mean?

It depends on how the cat was raised. If a cat is raised from a kitten with a loving, caring family, and a safe place to live, the cat will most likely act nice. A cat that was raised in a harsh environment, with hardly any love or attention, and a bad human memory, the cat will be mean. The cat reflects on its surroundings.

How long does an outside cat live?

They can live anywhere between kittenhood to late teens, depending on the outside environment (cars, busy roads, other cats etc.). Some cats will live longer than others.

What age can a cat go out?

depending on how healthy your cat it or how used to it's environment it is

Specialized cells within a cat's eyes allow the cat to?

monitor its environment.

How many live does cat allegedly have?

a cat has 9 lives to live

What is an example of homeostasis for a cat?

homeostasis is a stable environment where something/someone lives. and since cats mainly live in houses. its the cat owners home. if it were a stray, usually the sewer, trash can, etc.

What environment does a rabbit live in?

Rabbits live in a clean environment, such as a non polluted environment.

Will a cat that goes outside grow bigger then a cat that stays indoors?

No. Growth is determined by a cat's genes, not by its environment.

Are saber-toothed tigers still alive?

No they have been extinct a long timeThere have been several distinct species of sabertoothed cats through prehistory, all of which are now extinct.There was even one marsupial sabertoothed "cat." The last of the sabre-toothed tigers died thousands of years they are extinct, and they have been extinct for exactly 11.000 yearsThey did exist, but only in history. Due to the Ice Age and other complications the saber tooth tiger became extinct.

How did sabertoothed tigers go eigstink?

because as it lived in the ice age it must have been adapted to the environment but as the ice age ended the tigers would have drowned into the melted ice or they were probably killed due to the heat and changes in the environment. It could have also had happened because most of their pray ( e.g mammoths) would have died so they could have had starved to death.

In what climate can a cat live in?

a cat can live in any climate. It all depens where the person who owns the cat takes them.

What kind environment do halophiles live in?

They live in saline environment .

What type of environment does huskies live in?

They can live in just about any cold environment.

What episode of victorious does cat live at school?

Cat wants to live at school in the episode Star Spangled Tori.