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France was allied to Russia in a pact. When Russia declared war on Germany and Austria-Hungary, France followed suit.

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Who did great Britain declare war on during world war 2?

Germany after they invaded poland, austria, and france

Why did Germany declare war during world war 2?

It didn't. Germany started invading other countries which made France and the UK declare war on Germany.

Which accurately describes events during World War 2?

The events during World War 2, are accurately described as Germany's hold on power through France for most of the war.

What 3 major events happened to France?

well during ww2 world war 2 the germens stormed Normandy beach in France

What are two historical events that have interrupted the tour de France?

Tour de France was interrupted during World War 1 and 2.

What were some events going on during World War I?

all around the world that why its called world war 1 but in france and at the battle of the somme

What events caused Britain to fight World War 1?

September 1st or 3rd, 1939 Germany invades Poland. Britain and France declare war on Germany.

Who did France declare war on in World War 1?

France, Germany, and Britain vs. Russia and Serbia.

WHO was France was invaded by during World war II?

France was invaded by Germany during World War II.

What happened September 3 1939 during world war 2?

France, Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand declare war on Germany following the invasion of Poland.

What are some major Historical events that have happened in France?

France was also a responsible for world wars...

Who invaded France during World War 2 II?

Germany invaded France during World War II.

What led France and Britain to declare war againt Germany to begin world war 2?

France and Britain had promised to declare war if Germany tried to obtain anymore territory. And they kept that promise when Poland was invaded.

Who did France align with during world War 2?

France was on the Allies side during the second world war. However, Germany invaded France early in the war.

Why did Britain declare war on Germany during World War 1?

After Germany invaded France, England declared war on Germany because of the mutual defense treaty that it had with France (Russia was also a signatory of that treaty, thus forming the 3 nations known during WW I as the "Triple Entente").

Why did France fight during ww1?

France fought during World War 1 because Germany attacked France and France fought back.

When did France declare war on Germany in World War 2?

France declared war on Germany on 3 September 1939, a few hours after Britain.

Who were the first countries to declare war on Germany?

If you mean during World War II. Britain and France on 3rd September 1939 in response to Germany's invasion of Poland two days earlier.

Why were France and Germany rivals during World War I?

why were France and Germany rivals during world war 1? plzz email back

What World Events Occurred During George Washington's Presidency?

George washingtons events/acts that occured during this presidency

When was Italian occupation of France during World War II created?

Italian occupation of France during World War II was created in 1940.

When did Italian occupation of France during World War II end?

Italian occupation of France during World War II ended in 1943.

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