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What events led up to the constitutional convention?

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Shays rebellion, is and example of an event leading up to the constitutional convention. It helped the Massachusetts government realized the Articles of Confederation needed badly to be revised. The other delegates agreed, however, some thought the whole constitution needed to be revised, therefore, it was.

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What led up to the calling of a constitutional convention?

Shay's Rebellion led up to it. <3

What state did not show up to the constitutional convention?

The state that did not show up to the Constitutional Convention was Rhode Island, because they disagreed with the idea of a strong federal government.

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How many delegates were present at the Constitutional Convention?

In total, there were 55 delegates in attendance at the Constitutional Convention. Of the 55, 39 ended up signing the Constitution.

How many delegates showed up for the constitutional convention?


Special assembly for drawing up a fundamental law?

constitutional convention

Why did the delegates of the constitutional convention meet?

up somewhere middle west

How many states attended the Constitutional Convention?

12 states went to the Constitutional Convention (also known as the Federal Convention, the Philadelphia Convention, the First Constitutional Convention, and the Constitutional Convention of 1787). Rhode Island didn't send delegates because it opposed any revision of the Articles of Confederation and it did not believe the national government had the right to interfere in the affairs of a state.All the states expect Rhode Island were represented at the constitutional convention. Because it had been self governed for over 140 years. And the state was reluctant to give up power to a central government.

Who showed up for the constitutional convention two weeks early?

James Madison

Which did not show up for the constitutional convention?

This question can't be answered. We don't have your list.

Who came up with the plan of house of representatives and senate?

The delegates at the constitutional convention.

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How would you describe the constitutional convention?

The Constitutional Convention was a gathering held during the summer of 1787 in Philadelphia. Representatives from each of the 13 colonies, with the exception of Rhode Island, gathered to draw up the Constitution.

What are the events that led to the great compromise?

The three events would be, the dispute of Virginia and Maryland over the Potomac river. Second that five out of thirteen states showed up in a convention to solve the dispute. Third Daniel Shays's Rebellion.

Where was the congressional congress held?

you probably mean constitutional convention, so look it up on wikipedia

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What were the conditions like at the constitutional convention?

The constitutional convention was held in the summer and they shut all the doors of Independence hall so it will be held in secret. to sum it all up, it was blazing hot a sweaty (especially considering that don't have deodorant)

Who presided over the constitution convention and what was his title?

George Washington chaired the second Constitutional Convention which drew up our present Constitution. I do not know his exact title.

What was done to the street outside the Constitutional Convention to prevent noise from disturbing the delegates?

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What was the most difficult issues dealt with by the constitutional convention were political representation and?

ahs turn up.... and the answer is slavery bruh

What are three events that led up to the civil war?

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