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just be fit, eat less fat and sugar just feel lucky you do not have to spent ten of thousand to have what you have unless it start giving you a problem

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Q: What exercise should you do when minimizing your breasts?
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How can your breasts get smaller?

exercise your chest area. it should tighten the fat within your breasts. this may or may not work. you can only try it.

Can breasts size be reduced by exercise?

ya do it regularly

How can fat people make their breasts small?


How to make your breasts firm?

Butterfly exercise on a weight machine.

Is there any exercises to grow breasts?

No, there isnt. Because breasts are made of fat and tissue, exercise would just deminish them

Does running make your breasts smaller?

any type of exercise will have a result of loosing weight throughout your body which does include your breasts.

What exercise can you do to lift you breasts?

Anything involving the working of the pectoral muscles.

What is the purpose of sports bras?

To keep the breasts from bouncing around during exercise.

Why do some men get large breasts?

Not enough exercise and too much to eat !

Why does your breasts get smaller when you exercise?

Breast size will only potentially decrease from exercise if there is fat loss. Breasts are mostly fatty tissue. Exercise sometimes decreases body fat, decrease in body fat may in turn reduce breast size. If the exercise does not incur fat loss, breast size will not be reduced by it.

What kind of additional injuries can someone encounter if their osteoporosis exercise plan is not discussed with their doctor?

Not discussing your osteoporosis exercise plan with your doctor could actually cause you to have more damage. Exercise is an important factor in minimizing osteoporosis if done correctly.

What exercises will make your breasts grow?

Breasts are fat tissue. If you exercise, you'll burn fat. Therefore, if you want bigger breasts, you need to eat as much as you can and not exercise at all.None, they are not a muscle. Just make sure to drink the reccomended daily amount of milk or eating the equivalent of it in dairy products.

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