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Australia was the home to many species of extinct animals including 23 bird, four frog and 27 mammal species. These include the tammar wallaby, big-eared hopping mouse, and the lake peddler earthworm.

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What percentage of animals are extinct?

It is estimated that 99% of all animals that have ever lived are now extinct.

What extinct animals lived in Idaho?

probally dino's

When did the animals live and when did it extinct?

They lived since 1134

How do paleontologists use relative dating?

which fossils are oldest, which are youngest, so it tells them which extinct animals had lived in an ancien time period, and which extinct animals have lived more recently..

What extinct animals were in Pangea?

Dinosaours lived on pangea and that all!

What extinct animals are there that lived before human life?


How many animals in the world are extinct?

Most of the animal species that have ever lived are extinct. None of the animal species that are alive today is extinct.

What can fossils tell us about extinct animals?

A fossil can reveal information about extinct animals such as where the animal lived, how long ago the animal lived, what kinds of foods the animal ate, and how the animal had adapted over time for survival.

How does human affect Australian Outback?

By bringing new species into the outback, they cause many environmental issues. The kill many native plants and eat many native animals causing the population to decrease or even becoming extinct. This is one of the major causes on why so many Australian animals are becoming endangered or extinct.

3 extinct animals?

Three animals that are now extinct are: New Zealand's moa, North and South America's dire wolf, and Europe and Asia's giant cheetah. Ninety percent of all the animals that have ever lived on this planet are now extinct.

What are some extinct animals that lived in California?

one is the California condor. hope that helps

What extinct animals lived in Texas?

Texas Henslow's Sparrow Texas Gray Wolf

Why is gasoline a fossil fuel?

Because it is found from the extinct animals that lived millions of years ago.

How are extinct and endangered different?

extinct animals mean no more animals endangered animals mean about to be extinct.

What kind of animals lived in the 1800s?

The same kind of animals that live now, except for those who have gone extinct, like the dodo bird.

What animals lived 100 years ago?

All animals that live today, or maybe more because people made some extinct

What are the extinct species of animals in all 7 continents?

An estimated 99.9% of species that have ever lived are now extinct and we don't even have evidence of most of those.

Are there any extinct animals in the Sahara Desert?

Extinct means the animals no longer exist so there can be no extinct animals in the Sahara. If there were, they would not be extinct.

Animals that are extinct?

dinosaurs are extinct and animals like that the bold eagle is almost extinct.

Why are animals going extinct?

Animals have always been going extinct, that's the way of nature. 99% of all animals that have ever lived are now extinct. But man's activities have accelerated extinction in many cases, by overhunting, habitat destruction, pollution, and introduction of non native species into areas where they didn't belong, where native animals had no defense for them.

What is meant by some extinct animals?

Extinct means the animals no longer exist. There are many extinct animals, from dinosaurs to dodos.

Which animals are exitincted?

Millions of animals have been extinct even scientist don't know the number of animals have been extinct, or the names of animals have been extinct.

List and details of extinct animals in India?

details of extinct animals

What can you learn about how animals became extinct by looking at fossils?

The fossils of extinct animals can give many clues as to what the animal looked like, what the animal's behavior patterns were, where the animal lived, why the animal died, and what time period the animal existed.

Did starfish live during the same time as dinosaurs?

Yes, all animals we have now lived then, just some that lived then have gone extinct so we don't have them now.