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Q: What factors will cause curriculum change?
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What are Social factors affecting curriculum?

what are social factors affecting curriculum?

Discuss the various factors influencing curriculum?

Discuss the various factors influencing curriculum

How political influence curriculum development?

In my opinion, politics is one of the factors that influence the development of the curriculum. It is clearly indicating that curriculum development is influenced by the political process, because every time the leadership of a country's exchange, then every time that curriculum change.

What are she six factors that cause a change in supply and explain them?

what are the six that cause a change in supply

What factors can cause exposed land to change?

Weathering and erosion cause exposed land to change.

Which is not a natural cause of climatic change?

The unnatural cause of climatic change, is the factors that are facilitated by humans.

Factors effecting on the curriculum developments in Pakistan?

There are many factors effecting the curriculum developments in Pakistan. These factors include money and resources that are available to be used.

What are the Factors that can cause a change in supply?

In most models, the factors that can cause a change in supply include: 1) Change in the capital stock. 2) Change in the labour stock. 3) Change in the level of technology. 4) Change is utilisation rates of capital and labour.

Identify two factors that could cause enzyme denaturation?

Temperature and pH are the two factors that can cause enzymes to denature.

What factors might cause the carrying of a population to change?


What is the singular form of curriculum?

The singular form of curriculum is "curriculum." The word does not change form between singular and plural.

Which factors caused the change in the policy of all India Muslim league?

what factors cause policy of muslim league