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The sitar belongs to the stinged instruments.

May be that should be stringed instruments. You could also say plucked string instruments.

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Q: What family does the sitar come from?
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What instrument family is the sitar from?

The Sitar is from the Stringed instrument family.

What country does the instrument sitar come from?

The sitar is an Iranian musical instrument.

What are facts about sitar?

It is a instrument used in india mostly which belongs the string family.

Where does the sitar come from?

The Sitar is most commonly associated with India, though the design varies in different parts of the country, and Pakistan and Afghanistan also have their own versions.

What is a sentence for sitar?

"Sitar" can be used as illustrated in the sentence, "I will learn to play the sitar".

What country was the sitar from?

how many strings are on a sitar

What does a sitar look like?

a sitar is string instrument

What is the sitar country of origin?

The sitar originates in India.

Who is father for sitar?

Ravi Shankar is the father of sitar.

How do sitar players play the sitar?

I am a sitar player, and the way we play sitar is by sitting down, and putting one leg over the other and balancing the sitar on the leg that is slanted. We can't look at the frets on the sitar; we can only hear them, which makes it even harder. The sitar isn't that heavy, but sitting down for long periods of time can hurt while balancing an object on your leg.

How many strings does the sitar have?

a sitar usually have 18 stringa.

What is the frequency range of a Sitar?

THe range of a sitar is between 64 and 512

How old is the sitar?

The modern day sitar is about 800 years old.

Who is Sitar?

A Sitar is an 800-year-old Indian instrument. NOT a person.

What has the author Edyta Sitar written?

Edyta Sitar has written: 'Hop to it!'

Who made the sitar?

the sitar was made by a persian man named amir khusrao

How many octives are produced by a sitar?

A sitar can produce three or more octaves.

When was Sound of the Sitar created?

Sound of the Sitar was created on 2000-02-29.

What does a sitar do?

Sitar is a stringed instrument and is used to play solo or as an accompaniment of Hinustani music.

Interesting facts about the Sitar it is gay?

A sitar is a musical instrument not a dude who sleeps with men

What is the Sitar used for?

the sitar was use durnig the religious festivites in the pre-islamis india.

Does a sitar have a hollow in of the sound box?

If it is the traditional sitar, yes there is a hollow to resonate the sound.

What is the purpose of the sitar?

The purpose of the sitar is to be a musical insturment, primarily used in Eurasian countries.

What is the function of a sitar?

The Sitar is a stringed instrument and it can be played solo or as an accompaniment to Hindustani Classical Music.

Was is a sitar?

If you mean what is a sitar, it is a stringed musical instrument used in classical Indian and Hindustani music.