Acids and Bases

What foods are acidic?

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tomato sause orange lemons blue barry"s

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Do foods have acid in?

most foods are slightly acidic

What foods are acids used in?

Pickles are acidic foods.

What do acidic foods have?


What are acidic foods?

Lemons, oranges, etc.

What foods to avoid while taking aspirin?

acidic foods such as fruits and veggies

What are some examples of foods that will react with aluminummagnesium pans?

Acidic foods will react with aluminum magnesium pans. Acidic foods include tomatoes as well as citrus and many other kinds of fruit.

Are most fruits bases?

No, most fruits are acidic. Foods high in natural sugar tend to be more acidic. Foods that are bases include vegetables and milk.

Where can you get vinegar?

ANSWER:You can purchase vinegar and other acidic foods at your local grocery foods provider.

What is the source of amino acids in cytoplasm?

Acidic Foods.

Does eating acidic foods cause infertility?


What is ketchup's pH number?

Ketchups are acidic foods.

Are food products acidic or basic?

They can be either. Some foods are basic, some are acidic, and some are neutral.

What are rank items from most acidic to least?

Soft drinks are considered one of the most acidic foods while yeast is considered the least acidic.

What foods should be avoided if I get heartburn?

Fried foods, acidic foods, alcohol, spicy foods, and try to eat as little meat and grains as possible. Acidic foods like tomatoes and oranges should be avoided. For meat and grains, just try to avoid pasta or fatty chicken.

Are most foods acidic or basic?

Most foods commonly eaten are found to be basic (alkaline).

What kind of foods cause tooth decay?

Most foods with high sugar or acidic concentrations

Which foods are alkaline foods?

There are a great number of alkaline foods that can balance out acidic foods. A comprehensive list of these foods can be found at the following link:

Name acidic foods?

wat are the name of acid food

What type of food is sour?

Acidic foods, e.g. lemon.

What are four acidic foods?

orange lime lemon and meat

What foods should you avoid if you dont want to break out?

Chocolate, tomatoes and other high acidic foods.

Why should you avoid high calories and acidic food?

You should avoid high calorie foods because they will make you gain weight. You should avoid acidic foods because they will give you indigestion.

What foods are not acidic?

acid forming foods include: meat, fish, eggs, legumes lemons are very acidic but the end products they produce after digestion are very alkaline To maintain health, the diet should consist of 60% alkaline forming foods and 40% acid forming foods

What foods should GERD patients avoid?

Patients with GERD should try to avoid foods that are highly acidic. Some of these foods include acidic fruits (grapefruit, oranges, lemons), salad dressings, french fries, onions, and some meats.

What can foods with a low acid rating do to your teeth?

Low pH (acidic) foods dissolve the enamel and weaken the teeth.