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What foods are made in Europe?

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What are common foods ate in Europe?

people have made different foods and decided to use them as tradition and other regular eats.

What is the national European food or drink?

There are no 'national' European foods or drinks because Europe is a continent not a nation. Europe is made up of many countries and nationalities, each of which have their own national foods and drinks.

What kind of foods are native in Europe?

cocoa is native in Europe

What foods were brought to America from Europe?

Europe brought many foods to America such as lamb, pig, cow, chicken, plum, and apples

What are some Europe foods?

They eat Americans...

What foods originated from Europe?

scones spagheti

Are GMO foods allowed to be sold in Europe?

GMO foods are allowed to be sold in some countries in Europe, but in many where they are sold they have to be labeled if they contain GMOs.

Where was tennis made?

it was made in Europe.Europe

Food that Europe people eat?

People from Europe it a mixture of foods. From Chinese, to Italian.

What foods where brought from America to Europe?

Corn, tomatoes

What foods were unknown in Europe before 1792?


What foods were brought to Europe from America for Thanksgiving?


Why was honey used in medieval Europe?

to preserve foods

What foods are made out of flakey pastry?

18 foods are made out of flakey pastry

What are the famous foods in Europe?

chocolates, cheeses, and wines.there is a lot more foods then that i suggest you further research!!!

What are the foods they have in Europe?

In Europe, they focus on local food ingredients. These include a variety of fruits, vegetables, legumes, roots, fish, poultry, and meat. There is a huge cornucopia of available foods to them.

What are foods do people in Eastern Europe eat?

Bowling Balls!!

What kind of food do they eat in liechtenstein?

They eat Europe foods

What countries likes spicy foods?


When was Made in Europe created?

Made in Europe was created in 1976-10.

What are some foods that were brought over by the Spaniards to Latin America?

The Spanish didn't bring foods to South America, but took foods back to Europe from South America. Chocolate, tomatoes, corn, potatoes were all from South America and introduced to Europe.

What foods do you eat that were made for astronauts?

there arent foods that are specifically made for astronauts. they can eat anything

Are there foods made of gas?

I don't think there are any foods made of gas! But there are foods that make you let out gas like baked beans!

Where in Europe are the products made?

Europe is a continent of over 50 countries. Products are made all around Europe.

What foods came from Europe to the Americas?

European foods obviously. This mainly includes Italian, British, French, and Spanish delicacies.

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