What foods make your body fatter in a week?

Junk food is first main reason to get overweight in a week.First of all these food are high in calories and they effect our whole body program .Here are list of some foods that effect your whole body program :

1 Avocado :Avocado are high in fat and caloric .A single avocado has 350 Calories.

2 Rice : If you are adding generous portion of rice to your meal it cn add 100 extra calories . 100grams of rice contains about 130 calories .

3 Peanut Butter :one table spoon of peanut butter contain 90calories, 4grms proteins and 3 grms carbohydrates.

4 Granola : One bowl of granola contain 500 calories.

5 Potatoes : Potatoes are rich source of fat especially its processed versions such as potatoes chips , French fries and hash browns ,Mashed Potatoes .so avoid this rich source of your food.

6: Coffee: if you drink large latte with whole milk i will cause 300 calories and 15 grms of fat in one cup of coffee.

7 : Yogurt : Yogurt with fruit contains upto 150 calories and 26 grms of sugar.

These are some weight loss diet plans that helps you to reduce your weight and become healthy in few months .