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What foods should someone with a nickel allergy avoid?

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Don't eat jewelryPerhaps a better way of looking at it would be to list the foods to avoid. Notwithstanding that, it's strange that you should ask that question, because nickel Allergies are CONTACT allergies that cause skin problems. You don't hear people asking about nickel allergies with regard to ingesting substances, unless you swallowed a pair of cheap earrings.

Don't touch nickel-containing substances. And don't wear inexpensive jewelry.

-that is not true nickel allergies is only a contact allergies but also alot of food contain nickel like chocolate, nuts and leafy vegetable's, and alot more you should definitely make a list of this you can and can not eat and you may have to go on a nickel free diet

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What is best metal to avoid skin allergy to rings?

Try to avoid anything with even a tiny bit of nickel in it... Also what helps is if you put clear nail polish on the inside of your rings, it helps prevent skin allergy.

If one has a sulfa allergy what medications should be avoided?

If one has sulfa allergy there is a few medication they should avoid. They should avoid antibiotics containing sulfonamides, and other medications that use sulfasalazine.

What food should a guest with shellfish allergy avoid?


What types of dogs should allergic people avoid?

If you have a dog allergy, avoid all dogs.

What are some foods one must avoid if one has a wheat allergy?

There are a few foods one should look to avoid if they have a wheat allergy. They should avoid bread, cakes, cereals, muffins, pasta, salad dressings and candy bars.

What foods should you avoid to prevent an allergy attack?

i guess it depends on what you're allergic to.

What can't you eat if you suffer with a nut allergy?

You should avoid any peanut or treenut products.

What is a caffeine allergy?

It is an allergy to caffeine. This means avoid coffee, chocolate, and tea.

What to avoid when you have a codeine allergy?


Can chefs have food allergies?

Yes. If a chef has a food allergy they simply avoid the food they have an allergy to.

Is a nickel silver teapot toxic?

A nickel sliver teapot can be toxic if the thin layer of silver is worn away. Those with nickel allergies should avoid using this type of teapot.

What foods would cause your tongue to swell?

This could be any food when you have a food allergy. You should see an allergy specialist, who will determine what foods you are allergic to, and you will have to avoid eating thos foods.

Where can one purchase food suitable for someone with a milk allergy?

Food suitable for someone with a milk allergy can be purchased at any grocery store. Reading labels will help to understand what to avoid. There are also aisles dedicated to healthy or allergen free foods in most stores.

What are the foods that should only be eaten by the person who have allergy?

You should be tested by an allergist so you are aware of the specific foods you are allergic to. Those are the foods you should always avoid.

What is the best treatment for a food allergy?

Avoid that food.

Should pregnant women avoid someone with shingles?

Everyone should avoid someone with shingles. It also depends on what stage the person with shingles is in. Ask you OBGYN.

Should a baby avoid someone infected with typhoid?

Babies should avoid anyone infected by a transmittable disease.

How can one avoid a food allergy?

Food allergies can not be avoided other than by avoiding the specific food that causes the allergy. Some foods can be avoided for a while and then slowly reintroduced into one's diet to potentially avoid an allergic reaction, but medical advice should always be sought in such matters.

Is cefalexin OK for penicillin allergic patients?

Cefalexin is a first generation cephalosporin and is similar to penicillin. There is a 10% risk of allergy. You should avoid if it is a life-threatening allergy. Otherwise, you can give it a try there is not a lot of a chance.

What should you do if you don't want to be friends with someone?

If I don't want to be friends with someone I simply avoid them if I can, or just politely ignore them if i can't avoid them.

What should you avoid with a yeast allergy?

Anyone with yeast allergy should avoid foods such as Breads, cakes, buns, scones, muffins, cheese, yogurt, alcohol, grapes, mushrooms, vinegar or any fermented products. Home made breads are fine once they are made with plain flour avoiding wheat as the main fungus in yeast is Saccharomyces cerevisiae

What can you do about nickel allergies?

The best thing to do is to avoid nickel. Treatments are typically topical and there is no cure.

What products people with citrus allergy must avoid?

citrus fruits

What do you eat if you are breastfeeding?

There isn't anything special you should or shouldn't eat if you are nursing unless your baby has an allergy (like dairy or soy). If the baby does then you should avoid anything containing the allergen.

Should stuffing in turkey be gluten free for someone who must avoid gluten?

If someone must avoid gluten, then anything they eat should be gluten-free. So yes, the stuffing in turkey for someone who must avoid gluten should be gluten-free. However, if they are avoiding it because they think it's bad for them, it is not imperative that it be gluten-free.