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Here is a list:

Orange Juice

• Lemon

• Lemonade

• Grapefruit juice

• Cranberry juice

• Tomato

• French fries

• Onion, raw

• Ground beef, chuck

• Marbled sirloin

• Chicken nuggets

• Buffalo wings

• Sour cream

• Milk shake

• Ice cream

• Cottage cheese, regular

• Macaroni and cheese

• Spaghetti with sauce

• Liquor

• Wine

• Coffee, decaffeinated or regular

• Tea, decaffeinated or regular

• Salad dressing, creamy

• Salad dressing, oil & vinegar

• Butter cookie, high-fat

• Brownie

• Chocolate

• Doughnut

• Corn chips

• Potato chips, regular

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Q: What foods should you avoid if you have acid reflux?
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What are foods to avoid when suffering from acid reflux?

If one suffers from acid reflux, they should avoid acidic foods. Some foods one should avoid if they suffer from this condition include citrus, tomatoes, and coffee.

Foods to avoid with acid reflux?

Understanding foods to avoid with acid reflux can help you to get better control over the condition. Managing acid reflux is something that you can do naturally ...

What foods should you avoid that would cause acid reflux?

Some foods that cause acid reflux or at least aggravate acid reflux are fried foods, foods with high acidic content, and extremely spicy foods such as Mexican or Cajun food.

what foods should my husband avoid due to his acid reflux?

HIgh fat foods, alcohol, spicy foods, and citrus foods are main foods to avoid if you have acid reflux. Sodas and caffeinated drinks are easily avoided by people who have symptoms

What is the best acid reflux diet?

There are definitely foods that you should avoid if you have acid reflux problems. This is basically heartburn, so you should avoid spicy food, and the foods that help the most are dairy products.

What should I eat during an acid reflux diet?

You should avoid spicy foods during an acid reflux diet. The best plan for avoiding acid reflux is to eat a diet of all natural foods like vegetables and fruits.

Diet for controlling Acid Reflux disease.?

Acid Reflux can be controlled by your diet. You need to avoid greasy foods such as fried foods and pizza. You should also avoid foods containing citric acid. Looking into an over the counter acid reflux control medication may allow your diet to be more flexible.

What are some acid reflux foods?

Someone who has acid reflux should avoid foods such as chocolate, mints, tomatoes, spicy food, coffee, high fat foods, dairy, and more. Find more information at

Where do I need to go to find out more about acid reflux foods?

A good website I have sourced for you is Its always good to know what foods to avoid for acid reflux.

I have bad acid reflix which foods should I avoid?

If you have acid reflux, you should avoid any foods that are very acidic, such as citrus juices. Also avoid alcohol, vinegar and salad dressings, and anything especially high in fat.

What kind of food that will cause acid reflux that one should avoid?

Acid Reflux is due to constant foods that cause heart burn such as fatty foods. Avoid fast food and foods that are deep fried or high on salt. In turn, try to drink lots of water.

What types of foods should someone with acid reflux avoid?

I would avoid eating foods that have a lot of acid in them such as sodas, foods that have tomatoes in them, as well as some acidic fruits. Also if you eat something that triggers your acid reflux I would suggest drinking a little bit of milk. This helps me when I eat something with a lot of acid in it.

What couses acid reflux?

Certain foods and lifestyle choices are associated with increased acid production in the stomach resulting in increased acid reflux in the esophagus. To prevent heartburn, avoid foods and beverages that may trigger your symptoms. Foods to avoid with acid refluxAlcoholCaffeineCarbonated beveragesChocolateTomato saucesSpicy or fatty foods

Learn How to Live with Acid Reflux?

If you are unfortunate enough to have acid reflux, there are foods that you can eliminate from your diet to ease the stresses of the condition. Avoid foods that are high in fat. These are the worst foods for someone with acid reflux to eat. Also, try to not eat as much dairy or fiber through the day. These foods are known to bring on acid reflux.

What diet do you need to follow to control acid reflux?

Your main culprits for acid reflux will be spicy foods and foods with vinegar. When at a restaurant, ask if the food is spicy or has vinegar, and then avoid these foods.

Is there a reflux friendly diet?

Having acid reflux disease is a tricky health issue. There are some foods that you cannot eat, such as spicy or hot foods. You should also avoid foods that aren't bland.

What kinds of foods cause acid reflux?

Acid reflux can be triggered by various foods, most notably those that are spicy. In addition, acidic foods, such as tomatoes and oranges, or high-fat foods, such as poutine, can triffer acid reflux.

What would be an example of your diet if you was trying to avoid acid reflux?

If you were trying to avoid acid reflux your diet would consist of limited trieddfoods, limited sodas, limited coffee intake. You would avoid foods high in acid.

What types of foods do I have to avoid if I have acid reflux?

I would suggest staying away from foods that are acidic, such as certain fruits. Such foods are liable to cause acid reflux. I would also suggest drinking a little bit of milk if you do get acid.

What foods should a person suffering from acid reflux avoid?

Some tips to helping with acid reflux are avoiding foods that are spicy or contain caffeine. Do not eat within an hour of going to bed at night, and if that does not work Prevacid can be bought OTC.

What foods should I avoid to prevent acid reflux?

Foods that can likely to cause acid reflux are listed on the following website in a printer friendly table divided up into food groups.

What are some recipes to prevent acid reflux?

Recipes to reduce the syptoms of acid reflux can be found at There are also certain foods you should avoid such as spicy foods, vegetables high in acidity, etc.

What foods should I avoid in relation to acid reflux?

Food to avoid would be anything that has an exceedingly high amount of acid in it. Acidic fruits such as oranges or lemons have a high amount of citric acid in them. I would try to stick to neutral foods and avoid acidic ones.

Is there a diet menu to prevent acid reflux?

To help prevent acid reflux, the best foods to eat are the ones low in fat. Also avoid spicy foods, citrus fruits and onions. Tomatoes, mints, and alcoholic drinks are big no-nos when trying to avoid acid reflux. Hope this helps.

What are some foods that cause acid reflux?

Some of the most common foods taht cause acid reflux are chocolate, fried foods, alcohol, fatty dairy and meats, and coffee. Try to avoid these foods to help prevent acid reflux.