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DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF!! you will not lose weight properly. your body will begin to STORE fat because it thinks its wandering in the desert and wont have any food for a long time! plus, its totally unhealthy. AND, you will gain the weight back more quickly when you start eating regularly again. 400 calories is not enough either! i don't know you or your regimen of excercise or whatever...but in general that doesn't sound healthy. keep eating your vitamins and tuna and fruit. eat tons of veggies too! make sure to drink a lot of water. so much more on this, but the main point is DO NOT starve yourself.

2006-08-17 06:20:11
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Q: What foods should you eat when you are trying to lose weight by eating no more than 400 calories a day and taking multivitamins?
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Are mulitvitamins supposed to be taken on a daily basis?

Multivitamins are a dietary supplement and should be used accordingly. It is good practice to establish a routine of taking multivitamins daily. Always consult a doctor before taking any dietary supplements.

Do taking multivitamins shorten your lifespan?

Recent study shows it is true that multivitamins may sh0rten ur lifespan.

Can eating fewer calories result in a weight loss or a weight gain?

In-taking less calories and out letting more calories through exercise or whatever mean should be effectively reduce the weight, however very calorie in-take is not advised.

How much weight will you use only eating 1000 calories a day?

For the average adult, eating under 1200 calories/day is considered starvation. A normal amount (taking into consideration weight and activity) should range between 1800-2200 calories/day. Initially, you may drop weight quickly eating only 1000 calories but when your body realizes that you are not giving it enough fuel it will start to hold on to everything you put in to it.

Is it safe to mix doxycycline with daily multivitamins?

Do not take iron supplements, multivitamins, calcium supplements, antacids, or laxatives within 2 hours before or after taking doxycycline.

How many calories when bulking?

You should be taking in more calories than burning. About 200-500 calories more than you usual diet.

Do too many strawberries make you get fat and spotty?

eating to much of anything has the ability to make you fat. eating around 64 LARGE strawberries is around 640 calories worth. You will be extremely healthy, but eating to many and taking in to many calories, yes, you will get fat.

Daily fat intake for women?

It actually depends on the amont of calories you are taking in. For a 1500 calorie diet, daily fat intake should be 50g, 1800 calories-60g, 2000 calories-70g. It actually depends on the amont of calories you are taking in. For a 1500 calorie diet, daily fat intake should be 50g, 1800 calories-60g, 2000 calories-70g.

How many calories do you need to eat when pregnant?

There is no exact answer, only some general guidelines. It is important to first be taking a pre-natal vitamin daily, too. Then, figure out what the mother's daily caloric intake was before pregnancy. Then, add 100 to 150 extra calories a day to that for every child. For example, if the mother usually ate 1,400 calories a day, when pregnant she should be eating between 1,400 and 1,550 calories a day. If that same mother was pregnant with twins, she should then be eating between 1,500 and 1,600 calories a day.

When you eat something you are taking in what and energy?

you are taking in calories. how many calories your taking in depends on the food.

How many calories should a 14 year old girl eat to be skinny and healthy?

it doesn't really matter how much a 14 year old girl eats, as long as she is taking in as many calories as she is burning, and as long as she doesn't develop bad eating habits

Can taking multivitamins and vitamin b affect a pregnancy test?

No neither of these will effect a pregnancy test.

How much calories do you loose by blobbing grease of your pizza?

First answer: less then wats on it now (By user: Ciciandshay) My answer: 150 Calories, You can save another 70 or 80 calories by taking off 1/2 the cheese, and another 60 calories by not eating the crust.

Can taking multivitamins cause gas?

Yes, but gas is most likely to occur if you lie down after ingesting the vitamins. If you take multivitamins before bed, you may suffer a poor sleep due to gas build up within your system. The gas is not properly processed when the body is horizontal, so you may experience flatulence or upset stomach should you take multivitamins before laying down.

Is taking multivitamins while smoking dangerous?

No. I also recommend taking therapeutic multivitamins. No vitamins equal the same as a healthy diet. I break mine into half's and take half a vitamin a day, or split it with meals when your body is more likely to take in real nutrients.

How do you find out how many calories you should be taking in?

There are any number of websites that can help you find this out,

Do you get bigger with arnge krush?

Taking Arnge krush alone won't necessarily get you bigger. Although taking that while eating more will. It's all about the Calories in Vs the calories out. (Healthy foods of course) Figure out your TDEE (total Daily Energy Expenditure) then eat more then that and lifting weights 3-5 times a week should help get you bigger

Is it possible for you to gain weight if you eat only salad for lunch every day why or why not?

It really depends what you're eating the rest of the time... The average woman should be taking in around 2000 calories a day - you might think you're being healthy by eating salad for lunch, but you have to take in the rest of the day as well. When you eat can have an impact on your weight as well, eating late at night will put on weight as your body has no time to burn off the excess calories and fat, but eating in the morning has less effect. The best way to work out whether or not there is a problem with your weight is to keep a (truthful) food diary for a bit and calculate how much you're eating. If, say, you have a small bowl of bran flakes and semi-skimmed milk for breakfast (100 calories), a cereal bar mid-morning (115 calories) salad for lunch (anywhere between 30-300 calories depending on whether or not you have dressing) and then vegetable soup for dinner (200 calories) then, maximum you're taking in that day is 715 calories and if you're putting weight on then you should see a doctor. However, if you supplement that with chocolate, cake, crisps and sandwiches then you'd be surprised at how quickly the calories add up...

Can you take Zoloft and multivitamins together?

It's best to wait at least 2 hours after taking the zoloft.

Should you avoid eating grapefruit while taking warfarin?

No it will not affect warfarin

Is frequent urination normal while taking multivitamins?

Certain multivitamins can cause frequent urination. These include vitamins C, B, D, and B12. Be sure to follow the package directions when supplementing your diet with a multivitamin.

Is burning calories the same as digesting the calories?

No, Digesting calories is taking in calories, Burning calories is working off calories.

What kind of disorder is anorexia nervosa?

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder in which a person will starve themselves for a long period of time usually taking in 500 or less calories a day. (500 calories is a lot to someone with anorexia, like 3,000 to someone without an eating disorder).

How do you burn fats around your muscles?

You can easily burn your fats by not adding sweetners and floavours, taking multivitamins, curtailing the amount of carbohydrate foods, stick with all-natural foods, cardio exrcise is helpful, eating more fibre foods.

Should a person taking warfarin take centrum vitamin?

It is better to discuss with your doctor. However, while I was doing my research the multivitamins that I found without vitamin K is "One a Day: Essential".