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its in the power distribution box under the hood, it will be the first fuse at the firewall closest to the fender

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back up light

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Q: What fuse controls the 1995 Ford Ranger instrument panel light?
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How do you replace instrument panel light bulbs on 1999 ranger?

Do you still need an answer? yes

What fuse controls the instrument panel 2005 freestyle?

need to know what fuse panel controls the instrument panel on the 2005 freestyle

Where is the instrument panel on a 2000 Ford Ranger?

The instrument panel is the gauges and warning lights that are in front of the driver and behind the steering wheel

How do you fix the odometer light on a 2005 gm equinox could it be the fuse?

The odometer light fuse also controls other lights on your instrument panel. The odometer light can be removed by removing the instrument panel cover. Push the light bulb in and turn at the same time. The light bulb will come out. Replace it with a new light bulb.

How do you remove the instrument panel on a 1988 ford ranger xlt to replace panel lights?

with a hammer

What fuse controls the 1996 Ford Ranger instrument panel lights?

under the hood in the power dist box it will be the first big fuse (red) at the firewall closest to the fender

Where is the door switch that controls the Door Ajar light and also controls the interior lights on a 2000 Ford Ranger?

It has two. One behind the drivers side door panel and one behind the passengers side door panel. I just purchased one for my 2000 Ranger for $10 at my local parts store.

Instrument panel 2006 Honda accord b1?

light in instrument panel go dim can i ajust it

How do replace the dashboard lights on a 1999 Mercury Mountaineer?

instrument panel or controls?

How do you change the bulbs in the instrument panel on a 1998 wrangler?

How do you change the light bulbs in the instrument panel in 1998 Toyota corolla

How do you replace the instrument panel bulbs in a dodge ram 2500?

Remove the instrument panel cover retaining screws. There are four screws that need to be removed. The instrument panel light bulb's will be visible. Push the light bulb in and turn at the same time to remove the light bulb.

What is wrong when NONE of the instrument panel lights will work except the high beam light that comes on when you brighten your lights?

Instrument lights fuse blown. ANSWER #2 There is a dimmer switch that controls the illumination of the instrument panel; it may be bad or may have been accidentally turned OFF or DOWN while cleaning the dashboard.

Where is the instrument panel light bulb located in a 1988 Ford F150 truck?

There are quite a few of light bulbs on the instrument panel. You get to them from the back of the panel. Some instrument panels can be disconnected and pulled forward enough to get to the back, other panels have to be worked on "in place".

Change bulb on a Kawasaki z750s instrument panel?

i try to change bulb on a kawasaki 750s instrument panel ,what type of light i use?

Where is the door light switch in a 95 Ranger?

it is inside the door panel

What fuse controls the instrument panel light on a 1999 Chevy silverado?

Parking/tailight fuse Actually the shift indicator is powered by ign 0 in side fuse panel and the tach and speedo are powered by ign 1 fuse!

2000 Chevy impala instrument panel and radio do not light up?

bad fuse, look in your owners manual for the location of the instrument panel fuse.

Which fuse controls the speedometer on C220 Mercedes?

# controls the instrument panel....speedometer could be a seperste issue involving the speed sensor in the differential.

How do you find a burned out light in the instrument panel on a 85 Bronco 11 is it hidden?

all of the bulbs in the instrument panel are on the backside of the instrument cluster.which means unless you can reach up under the dash to get to them you wiil have to remove the instrument cluster.

Where is the interior door light switch on a 1999 ford ranger?

inside the door panel

How do you change instrument panel light on 2004 Chevy Venture?

With a soldering iron?

What does a green light indicator on the instrument panel mean?

daytime running lights

How do you remove the headlight fog light dimmer controls to get at the mounting screws for the instrument cluster on a 1986 Volvo 240 GL?

I have a 1988 240DL. On my car I have an instrument panel with hidden screws, no doubt like yours. To the left of that instrument panel there is a headlight knob and a dimmer knob. Pull hard on those knobs and they will slide off. There are no screws or tabs. Once those are off, take a flat screwdriver with a wide blade, and put it in the crack between the panel behind those knob controls and the instrument panel and pry very lightly; that panel will pop off revealing the two screws on that side. To the right of the instrument panel there are two square panels, both of which are empty. Use that flat screwdriver to pry those off lightly to remove two more screws. Take all four screws out and you're on your way.

What does it mean when the 4wd and 2wd indicator lights are flashing on the instrument panel of a 1999 Ford Ranger?

A malfunction has been detected

Running lights and instrument panel lights do not come on right away but they do after 15 minutes 1990 Chevy silverado ANY Idea why?

the dimmer switch that controls your dash light brightness may be bad.