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Look under the hood at the power distribution center. Fuse #12 should be for the power windows.

Sounds like your problem is more than that...maybe a bad ground wire in driver's side door harness.

Just had the problem, no fuse or relay for the windows/lockszperiodz Most chances are the

black ground wire in the harness going to the inside of the door. Because it is greater in gage, it eventually breaks. Cut the rubber, find the break and put a splice between the breaks and all will be well. Just happened on my 2004 Grand Cherokee

Great tip. Just fixed my wife's Jeep that had been without power windows for a while. Not an improvement on this answer, but I was able to pry the harness boot from the door insert. I immediately saw a broken black wire, but had to peel the rubber wire cover back toward the body and fish for the other end. It's tight in there. The boot will fight you but it will go back on. Cutting might be easier. Thanks for the tip.

My jeep just had the same problem.I solderd an a small piece of extra wire that's a bit more flexable than the heavy guage black ground wire ,as far as the boot getting in the way try grabbing the short wire with some vice grips as low as you can and it will keep the boot away giving you a little room to repair the wire.As far as putting the boot back on after the repairs are made if you pry the plastic housing that's in the door you can gain plenty of extra room to put the rubber boot back on and then just pop it back into the door.The rubber boot should not be cut as its there to keep water away from all the wires and whater else that shouldn't get wet.

i had exact same problem 11/25/2009. opened the rubber boot and there was the broken black ground. also, my interior lights would not shut off when i turned my lights on. once i corrected the door ground everything went back to normal. read about the plastic sleeve removal to replace the rubber boot. it will save you time.



I came across this issue as well and removing the boot i found the black wire to be broken. re attached it with a splice and all is well..

if your looking for a more flexible wire then the best wire you could use is the flexible speaker wire that is used on subwoofers. not the wire to run it from the amp but the wire that goes from the terminal on the speaker to the voice coil, it is a braided wire designed to be flexible. solder the wire on and then cover it with heat shrink, the problem shouldn't come back. i didnt try but you could also see if you can attach the ground to the door, i just didnt want to fool with it because it was dark and 5 degrees.


First, I'd like to thank prior contributors to pointing me in the right direction. I doubt I'd ever have gotten to the problem without the postings here. I had the same symptoms - windows wouldn't work and interior lights came on when I turned on the headlights. When I got inside the rubber boot I found that the yellow/purple wire had broken, not the black ground wire. I repaired the wire and all works OK. Again, thanks for pointing me in the right direction.


i am a reconditioner at a small used car dealership and i came across this same problem. opened up the black boot and reconnected the ground, just as the previous contributors mentioned. to anybody looking to improve their mechanical skill, whether you are a pro like me or a backyard warrior, screw all the fancy scanners, alldata or whatever. a internet search engine is a best tool any mechanic could ever have! whatever the problem was, internet research has bailed me out countless times and I'm looking forward to searching again! thank you!


Thanks for the info guy. I also had the same problem a few months, but it started with the power locks not working with the door open. I tested the ground and it was good. After pulling on the harness a couple of time I found the problem. Mine was the orange/white wire that was broken. Added a coupling and its working perfect. I appreciate all the help, you guy saved me from spending money on a mechanic for a simple fix. Thanks Phil


All this info was a problem solver for me. The only thing different is the wire that was broken on mine was orange/white and not black. It fixed the same problem above though. My only investment was $6.00 for the connector. Praise the Lord for an inexpensive fix.

2012-04-03 02:36:28
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