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The Power Window, Sunroof Breaker is identified as "RETAINED ACCESSORY PWR BRKR" and is in the Driver's Side Instrument Panel Fuse Block. See page 6-22 & 23 of your "Owner's Manual" for details.....

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How do you check to see if you need to replace the sunroof motor?

My brother works for a Saturn dealership. He said if the fuses are good and the sunroof won't do anything it is the sunroof motor. If it moves a little bit it's either the cable or the rails. That's what the techs at the dealership told him.

What is the problem with a automatic sunroof not opening as well as the cigarette lighter not heating in a 1993 Saturn SL1?

check your fuses check the motor on the sunroof, mine was doing the same. So I pushed the wires going into the motor in the direction from the windshield to the back of the car and it works. Bad connection were wires go into the motor that works the sunroof back and forth.

Why do the windows and sunroof open automatically on my mini cooper?

my friend, when you open the car with the key control and you'r pressing the botton for more than 3 seconds, the mini cooper automatically opens the sunroof and windows, this just works with the open, if you try to close with the control the sunrooof and the windows stay it will in the same place.

Where is a ECM power relay located for a 2000 passat?

big relay with numbers 377 controls wipers and works as main supply for others like windows sunroof ignition and starter.....

Low speed works but no hi 1963 impala?


What do you check for in 2002 solara if the power window does not work?

2000 Solara passenger power window. Are the fuses separate for the windows? Left works right does not with no power to the drivers switch for the right side.

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Why does my 99 silverado have no heat or ac fuses look good blower motor works great.?

Why does my 99 silverado have no heat and the ac fuses look good and blower motot works great

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Does a Chevy Impala 2003 require a chip igntion key?

Went to home depot, had a key made for a dollar. Works great in my 2003 impala, 3.4.

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Spore works for all windows versions.

Your moonroof quit working on your 2000 alero without any warning no weird noises you checked all fuses what could be wrong with it?

My sunroof quit working too as you described. Turns out it was the overhead switch that went bad. Had mine replaced for $95 installed. Works like a charm now!

Your 1996 Saturn sl2 sunroof is not working correctlythe left side of the sunroof works when the open and close button is press and not the right side why is that?

Motor is not turning both arms. See for more info

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Where are the trunk fuses on a 2002 S430?

I believe there is no fuses in the trunk. The car has 3 boxes of fuses. 2 under the hood, and one under the rear seat. I have a 2001 and there is where I found mine. Hope it works for you.

My1988 corvette rear lights are out brake lite works fuses good what can it be?

== ==

Why do Turn signal works but not brake lights your jeep?

Check the fuses for your brakes.

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What if your oil change indicator no longer works on 2004 impala?

change the oil pump sensor.

Liberty 2005 sunroof does not close all the way is there a adjustment?

Check the wiring harness for the motor to the sunroof. The harness may be loose and might need adjustment. My sunroof on my 2002 Liberty Limited stopped working and I dropped the headliner and found that there was loose wire. I clicked it back inot place, and it works just fine.

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