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What gains in equality did african americans make after world war 2?


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September 17, 2014 3:25PM

After World War II, many African-Americans who had served in the armed forces during the conflict returned home with an invigorated sense of independence, capacity, and pride. For many of these, the prejudice-filled reality of America was disconcerting and hypocritical both, as America's war for freedom abroad was not matched by domestic efforts to overcome inequality in the States. It would take many years until, through the Civil Rights Movements, American Blacks would genuinely achieve equality in a White-dominated society. And yet, a significant part of this progress was due to the African-American experience abroad during the war, where courage and integrity demonstrated on World War II's battlefields was put to equally effective use in the battle for freedom, equality, and dignity at home by those remarkable men who dedicated themselves to victory in both conflicts.