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What god do Sikh people worship?

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The same one God that is worshiped by all monotheistic religions, They call him Waheguru.

WAHEGURU or Vahiguru also spelt and pronounced Vahguru, is the distinctive name of the Supreme Being in the Sikh dispensation, like YHWH in Judaism and Allah in Islam.

They view all, or at least these major, religions as differing in worship, but describing the same inherent God. They regard the differences between the various religions akin to looking at the same thing from different viewpoints since all the major religions agree to this deity's inherent nature (compassionate, all-knowing, all-seeing, etc.). Sikhs believe that there is only one god that created all of us, that created everything.

AnswerSikh people worship in a place called a "Gurdwara."

The word gurdwara means "the door of the Guru" (Guru means Teacher and Dwara means door.) It houses the book that Sikhs venerate, the Guru Granth Sahib. In the gurdwara any type of person can come into the gurdwara, no matter the colour, religon.

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Where do Sikh people worship?

The Sikh people worship at a place called Diwaan. It's purpose is to praise God and the spirituality of the community.

What Sikh symbol is there and what does it mean?

This Sikh symbol means there is only one god. This means that the Sikh people must believe and worship this one god.

Where do people of the Sikhism religion worship?

The people of the Sikh religion worship in the Gurdwara

Where do the sikh people worship?

Gurudwara Sahib

Do Sikh people worship idols?

yes they do

What happens at Sikh weddings baptisms and funerals?

They Pray And Worship Their God.

What happens in the Sikh temple?

Sikhs go to pray and worship their god

Where does Sikh worship?

Sikh place of worship is called "Gurudwara"

What is the Confucian house of worship called?

The Confucian house of worship is called a Gurdwara. This is the Sikh house of worship and there is no god regarded in Confucianism.

Where do Sikh people pray?

Sikh people worship and pray at what is called a gurdwara. People of all faiths are welcomed. The worldwide Sikh population is estimated to be 23.8 million.

What is Gurdwara in the Sikh religion?

The Gurdwara in the Sikh religion is a place of worship for the Skihs. However, all different types of people are allowed into the Gurdwara to worship.

Is the Sikhism god called guruwara?

God in Sikh is called "Waheguru" pronounced as "WAA-HAY-GUROO" . But Sikh scripture has names of God from almost all religions. Sikh place of worship is called "Gurdwara" means "house of you spiritual teacher".

Which day does the Sikhism religion worship?

There is no such thing in Sikhism, that it is to be worshiped on a specific day. every day is a day to worship for a Sikh. a Sikh is ordered by his gurus to remember the god every time of every day

Who do the seik's worship?

Its Sikh and not Seik. Sikhs worship One God they refer to Him/Her as Wahiguru.For Sikhs God has no form,color,shape but God is present everywhere and can been seen by spiritually awakened.

Sikh place of worship?

The Sikh place of worship at a Gurdwara. Translated it means Gurus House.

Were does Sikhism people worship at a church or temple?

Sikh Temples are knows as "Gurdwaras". As per Sikhism, any one can worship at any time and any place. Gurdwaras are the places where Sikhs unite and worship / praise God together.

How do the people worship the golden temple?

People don't worship the Golden Temple. The Golden Temple is a place of worship, just like other Sikh Temples.

Where is the place of worship for Sikhism people?

A Godwara. Also known as a Sikh Temple.

What is the Sikh place for worship?

Its at a Sikh Temple, also known as, the Gurdwara.

Where Sikhisms worship?

Sikh place of Worship is called Gurudwara.

What do the Jewish people worship?

Jewish people worship one God

Were do people worship god?

People worship god in church or they can worship him anywhere.There are many names for various places of worship depending on your religion. But most would allow that you can worship anywhere.

What did the Jewish people worship?

Jews worship God.

What is a place of worship for Sikhs?

There is no necessary place for worship as Sikhs believe that god in within one and within all. However, an example for a "worship centre" for Sikhs could be the gurdawara. The gurdawara is the Sikh temple.

Is it a right to worship freely?

God is God, so worship God, don't worry about what people think of it. It is a basic human right to love and worship God.