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What group of drugs does alcohol come from?


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alcohol is under the category of depressants


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Depressants if you're talking about depressants or stimulants

There are no drugs in alcohol.

These types of drugs are called depressants. An example of a weak depressant is alcohol.

drugs can kill faster then alcohol. also some drugs are illegal and alcohol isn't

Yes, there was alcohol and drugs in the 1920s.

There aren't drugs in alcohol... Not medicinal drugs, or the narcotic kind. Mixing alcohol and drugs can be dangerous, so be sure to ask your doctor if your prescribed drug is dangerous with alcohol.

There will be a large cost in drugs and alcohol.

i think you should not consider it because if you get caught with drugs or alcohol you will earn time in jail. so i think you should not do drugs or alcohol.

No. Mixing alcohol and depressant drugs is a dangerous practice.

Marijuana comes in forms of medication ,illegal drugs,alcohol and cigarettes.

Alcohol. Is bad when mixed with ANY drugs. It is great to drink by itself, but when combined with other drugs. Your high goes from nice and steady to blacking out, getting sick and vomiting or making you do stuff that puts you in jail. Drugs are bad by themselves and even worse with alcohol. Say no to Drugs and to Drugs with Alcohol.

Alcohol is the most commonly-abused and most dangerous substance in Western society. Other drugs are pretty bad, too. Get over the "alcohol and drugs" thing; alcohol IS a drug.

You should stay away from Drugs and Alcohol. Walmart will not only test you for Drugs but also alcohol. The test will determine the presence or use of drugs and/or alcohol.

self-harmer/neglect alcohol and drugs abuse vulnerable group

effects of drugs,diet,,smoking,alcohol on the body

The interaction between the chemicals/drugs and the alcohol and with your body system.

People use drugs and alcohol to feel good and to have an escape.

Alcohol is under hydroxyl group

Alcohol and drugs help, other people prefer religion but I wouldn't recommend it.

23.5 Million Americans are estimated to have an addiction to alcohol/drugs (alcohol IS a drug!)

Tom Fletcher is a member of the singing group, McFly. He has stated in several interviews that he has never taken illegal drugs nor drank any alcohol.

There is no one answer to that question. Christianity encompasses a broad spectrum of views on drugs and alcohol.

People use drugs, smoke and drink alcohol its because when you start use drugs, smoke and drink alcohol there is something in your brain that would like to let you think to use drugs, smoke and drink alcohol. If you continue using drugs, smoke and drink alcohol you be addicted to it.

Alcohol alters your mind and body like most drugs. In the UK, Alcohol was rated the fifth most harmful drug, ahead of some current class A drugs....the biggest difference between alcohol and other drugs is that alcohol and is legal and taxed, making it far more socially accepted than other drugs.

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