What happen after the Inquisition?

After the Inquisition the sentence was carried out. Some where burnt alive at the stake, others whipped to death, others starved to death and a lucky few got away with having to always wear a mark sisignifying them as a heritic - all would loose there property and belongings.

Roman Catholic Answer

There were several different Inquisitions, covering the better part of a thousand years. For the most part they were to stop the spread of heresy. The vast majority of those actually convicted of heresy had to wear a Cross, make a pilgrimage, some actually received jail sentences, and a very few were actually turned over to the civil government for sentence. For the most part, people recanted their heresy and went on to live normal lives. The worse heretics were those judged so by the civil governments. Heresy back then was judged as treason by the civil government, and if you did something bad enough to be judged treasonous to your king, you got punished with much worse punishments, including death in a few instances. For a full discussion including sources for more information, please get the book listed below: