What happend in Italy when Italy surrendered?

When Italy surrendered the Germans took over,the allied forces continued fighting in Italy and bombing campaigns also continued.There is a lot of folk history regarding the Italian resistance,much of it enhanced ,the one thing true about the results of the war in Italy is that it involved the ousting of the monarchy,of Mussolini and the strong alliance between Italy as a communist state and the USSR.
Still today you find most towns in Italy twinned with ex communist areas of Europe and is one of the main reasons why Italy is not able to move forwards in the modern world as its unions are immersed in the old workers versus the employees mind-frame. restrictive work practice,low wages and overpaid,over powerful union representation have left Italy as a place to do business almost outside consideration. Add the position of its corruption,third in the world, and taxation highest in the world life in Italy does not look to bright today.