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It is an interesting anniversary. APRIL 14th On this day in history in 1736, took place the Porteous Riot. See this site!

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Q: What happened on 14th April 1844?
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What day of the week was 14th April 1844?

14th April 1844 was a Sunday.

When did Charlotte Dymond die?

14th of April 1844

Whose house did Charlotte Dymond apparently stay at on 14th April 1844?

Thomas Prout.

The date of Charlotte dymonds death?

Charlotte's Dymond was killed on the 14th of April 1844 and found a week after she was killed.

When and where was Charlotte Dymond killed?

Charlotte Dymond was killed in Cornwall in 1844. It actually took place in Bodmin Moor to be precise. Sunday 14th April 1844 was the exact date.

When did Titanic begin?

the titanic began in 1912, April 14th. The Titanic disaster happened at midnight.

What Happened On April 14th 1912?

The RMS Titanic sunk from the crash of an iceberg near Newfoundland

What day was 14th April 1912?

14th April 1912 was a Sunday.

What day of the week was 14th April 2009?

14th April, 2009, was a Tuesday.

What day of the week was April 14th 1967?

14th April 1967 was a Friday.

What day of the week was April 14th 1913?

April 14th, 1913 was a Monday.

When will Palm Sunday fall on April 14th?

The next time Palm Sunday will fall on April 14 will be in 2019. The last time this has happened was in 1957.

What happened on April 14th 1865?

Abraham Lincoln was shot at Ford Theater. He died early in the morning of the 15th.

When was Easter in 1844?

In 1844, Easter Sunday fell on April 7.

What happen April 14 in history?

14th April 1912 : The RMS Titanic struck an iceberg just before midnight on 14th April

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What were 2 important events that happened in April 1865 in the civil war?

1 - The surrender of Lee's Confederate Army of Northern Virginia at Appomattox Court House on April 9th. 2 - Lincoln's assassination on April 14th.

What do President Abraham Lincoln and the RMS Titanic have in common?

Abraham Lincoln was shot on April 14th and died on April 15th; the Titanic hit an iceburg on April 14th and sank on April 15th.

What day was April 14 2002?

14th April 2002, was a Sunday.

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No, it is on the 14th of April in 2017.

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