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What happened on this day June 18 1787?

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2008-05-20 21:43:14

June 18, 1787, fell in the Constitutional Convention in

Philadelphia. On June 18, New York delegate Alexander Hamilton, who

helped make the Convention possible, made a speech as to his own

plan of government (probably not content to add on to the Virginia

or New Jersey plans). The plan involved an "elective monarch", as

stated in Madison's notes, a Senate with electors chosen for life

on "good behavior", a House of Reps. chosen every three years. The

June 18 speech would forever be dredged up in later years when

Hamilton was vilified as a "monarchist", as he used the dreaded

word in his speech. Hamilton's fears of mob rule completely beat

out his hopes, leading to the speech that he would regret in later


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