What happened to Belgium after World War 1?

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Belgium was bankrupted and blown up. From being the 4th economical superpower in the world Belgium was reduced to nothing.
The war debts and the debts the Netherlands imposed on Belgium didn't help either. Many companies had lost everything or had only kept what was stashed away in neutral nations.
Belgium got a little money from Germany and a little amount of lands, but had to find most of the money in own pocket, or in the Congo.
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What happened after World War 1?

During the After The Math , the political, cultural, and social order was drastically changed in Europe, Asia and Africa, even outside the areas directly involved in the war. New countries were formed, old ones were abolished, international organizations were established, and many new and old ideolo ( Full Answer )

What happened after World War 1 ended?

After World War I ended, the Treaty of Versailles was signed. Itdeclared what would happen to the losing countries. Specifically,Germany bore the brunt of the punishment. They owed so much inreparations that they only finished paying it off in 2010.

In World War 1 why did Germany invade neutral Belgium?

Invasion of Belgium in 1914 The frontier between Germany and France was well fortified on both sides at the time, and a direct attack would probably not have succeeded. By 1905 the German General Staff, the central planning agency of the German army, had worked out in great detail a plan for attack ( Full Answer )

Why did Belgium join World War 1?

The Germans tried to fight France by going through belgium, so belgium fought back. http://histclo.com/essay/war/ww1/cou/w1c-bel.HTML

Why did World War 1 happen?

The proximate cause for the war was the June 28th, 1914 assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, by a Serbian nationalist, Gavrilo Princip. Gavrilo was a 19 year old boy who was a member of a nationalist group called the Black Hand Movement. Austria- ( Full Answer )

Why did World War 1 happened?

ww1 happende because gavrilo princip assassinated franz ferdinande and Serbia was angry and had a war with Germany and England is frinds with France who joined in so we got involved.

What if world war 1 never happened?

"...The world would be better and alot richer..." Perhaps. Firstly, let's attend to the "It had to happen, so the question is dumb" response. Many historians regard the political situation in Europe (with its line-up of tri-partite treaties and so on) as a situation so tense that the European "gr ( Full Answer )

What happened aftter World War 1?

Germany was beaten and humiliated. This allowed Hitler to get authority. Russia has been experienced revolution and civil war. Answer Peace for a time , then this German named Hitler wanted more, then we had world war 2. Now we have peace but for how long this time. we have the USA,UK and ( Full Answer )

What type of weapons did Belgium use in World War 1?

The First World War was fought by armies whose size was unprecedented in history. At the same time, new weapons appeared such as machine guns, tanks, poison gas, airplanes, submarines.

Was Belgium neutral in World War 1?

I believe so... Germany invaded Belgium even though they remained neutral more info at http://militaryhistory.suite101.com/article.cfm/the_belgian_army_of_1914_

How did Belgium play a strategic role in the outbreak of World War 1?

Germany chose to invade France through Belgium. That violation of Belgium's neutral rights brought Britain into the war. And the tiny Belgian army put up a fight, delaying the breakthrough to France and endangering the success of the Schlieffen Plan, to which Germany had bound itself.

Was Belgium in World War I?

yes there were very much involved. At the outbreak of ww1 the German plan was to attack through Belgium, defeat France, then turn their army to face the huge Russian army in the east. The German armies swung through Belgium and the Belgian army stood little chance against 1.5 million men of the Germ ( Full Answer )

What was the plan called for Germany's invasion of Belgium in World War 1?

This was the Schlieffen Plan. Which involved Germany going through neutral Belgium to (surprise) attack France. Then they would turn around after fighting France and then go after Russia whose slow (not-industrialized country/) army would be ready now. this plan did not work very well. they took to ( Full Answer )

What role did Belgium play in World War 1?

During World War I, Belgium played a minor role as neutral victim,as combatant, and as minor member of the Triple Alliance. It wasinitially neutral until being invaded by Germany, at which point itbecame a formal combatant in the conflict. Although most of itsterritory was occupied by Germany throug ( Full Answer )

What happened to Russa after World War 1?

It was horrable there was dead bodys there bllod ver 1205 people were killed and just about 15432 people lived then they had the world war 2

Why was Belgium involved with World War 1?

Belgium was invaded by Germany on 4 August 1914, despite the fact that its neutrality was guaranteed by Britain, France and Germany.. Since 1906 Germany had only one plan (the Schlieffen Plan) for a future war with France and that involved marching through Belgium.. Incidentally, the original vers ( Full Answer )

Belgium In World War 2?

Although Belgium tried to remain neutral, they were invaded and conquered by Germany in May 1940. Belgian expats then formed a government in exile in London, and raised army and air force units trained and equiped by Britain. This government in exile was considered the defacto legitimate governmen ( Full Answer )

What happens before World War 1?

What happened is that France, and Britain had a 2 way treaty with each other. Britain had an alliance with Belgium. And Russia had a treaty with Serbia. Germany had a treaty with Austria - Hungary. Serbia and Austria had a border dispute so some Serbians assassinated Austria's leader. So Austria dec ( Full Answer )

Who were belgiums allies in world war 1?

The Allies of Belgium are basically France & Britain. Because the German attack comes through Belgium, Britain acts to defend Belgiums neutrality. There is much conflict around Ypres as well as elsewhere in Belgium & France.

In World War 1 why did the war happen?

The Germans were fighting with Great Britain for the English channel and the thing that started off the war was called the "spark". The spark was the murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

Why was Belgium important in World War 1?

Britain had guaranteed Belgian independence and it was a neutralcountry. When Germany invaded Belgium it brought Britain into thewar and eventually America.

Why did Belgium join World War I?

Belgium was a neutral country at the start of WWI. However, Germanyinvaded neutral countries like Belgium as a part of Schlieffen Planto eventually capture France. This led to involvement of GreatBritain in war to help Belgium.

Why did another world war happened after World War 1?

America,France,England,Germany,Russia and other countries were'nt doing so well.The Nazi party took over Germany in 1933 and improved it's economy,improved it's army,navy,and air force.Germany annexed Austria in 1937,invaded Czcholazakia the Sudatenland in 1938,invaded Poland in 1939,that caused Bri ( Full Answer )

Why did so many men die in France and Belgium during World War 1?

I'm not sure whether you are asking for all the different cause of death such as getting shot, being gassed, getting hit by shrapnel, etc. but if you are asking just generally, then I would have thought the answer was pretty obvious - because there was a war and people die in wars!

Why did belgium and Frances trenches get bogged down in World War 1?

For hundreds of years war was waged in a fairly set pattern. The belligerants lined up opposite each other, then there would be Cavalry Charges followed by infantry on foot and then hand to hand. All movements directed by the Generals with field glasses on nearby hilltops like a large and deadly gam ( Full Answer )

What if there was no World War 1 what would happen?

Germany's depression wouldn't have been as bad, which might've made people think twice about giving Hitler all of these positions, and could've made the Holocaust never happen.

Did British enter World War 1 when the German troops crossed into Belgium?

Yes. First the British called on the Germans to withdraw from Belgium, and set a deadline. When the Germans did not withdraw the British entered the war. Britain and Germany (actually Prussia, of which Germany was a successor state) were two of four Great Powers pledged in an 1839 Treaty to perpe ( Full Answer )

Where did the war in World War 1 happen?

A majority of the fighting took place in France. Which is why the French wanted to punish the Germans so badly after the first world war. This was called the Western Front, which was where the Germans were fighting the British and the French. Battles were also fought in Turkey, and also in Russia (o ( Full Answer )

Why did Germany invade Belgium in World War 1 what happen in the response to this?

The Germans invaded Belgium because they thought it would go faster. At that time no-one could imagine a Belgian defending his home. Then as a result Belgium called the other two guarantee-powers to help, France and the UK. These two nations did not immediately help Belgium. France could not resist ( Full Answer )

Did Belgium participate in World War 1?

At first it remain neutral but then Germany invaded Beligium in Agust 4, 1914 causing Belgium to participate in World War II.

What happened in World War 1 and World War 2?

This is a ridiculously broad question. So I'll be brief. World War One was primarily a war of attrition, Germany's initial plan was to quickly attack France and take Paris when this failed the 'Race to the Sea' happened where a series of outflanking battles were fought trying to get to the key sea ( Full Answer )

Where did World War 1 happen at?

World War I had many fronts, including the Franco-German border, the Russo-German boder, the Middle East, Eastern Africa, Indian and the oceans of the world.

When did World War 1 1 happen?

1915 I am really surorised at this "original" answer. I believe that any pupil that has some lesson in modern history, knows the WW I started in 1914.

What happened to the horses in World War 1?

Sadly, many were killed in battles. Some when galloping over trenches/craters left by bombs... broke their legs, ankles, hips, and spine which means and still means today that they must be put down. Although, many horses did survive and were spread out on a number of farms across the United States a ( Full Answer )

Why did Belgium attack Germany in World War 1?

It was the other way around. Germany invaded Belgium in World War Ias the first act of aggression. Germany invaded Belgium as a way tocircumvent French defenses along the German border (the MaginotLine).

What happened after World war 1 had ended?

Obviously, lots of things happened but in Europe, there was a flu epidemic - which has been estimated to have killed more people than the war. There were some social and political affects; women gained the vote in the UK as the shortage of working men during the war made women go out to work in larg ( Full Answer )