What happens if a guy proposes to a girl at 14?

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your 14 you shouldn't get married even if he got you pregnant
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How you propose a girl?

Take her on a walk and along the walk find a nice place to picnic with her and after you guys get settled then ask nicely if she will please do you the pleasure of being your lovely wife

How do you propose to a guy?

Answer . Ummm i really don't know but i don't think a girl will ever propose to a guy. I guess you'll have to wait until the guy proposes to you? But maybe u can just ask him, without the kneeling and the ring. He might even say yes, but don't pressure him!!! It's even more awkward to him, than i ( Full Answer )

What attracts 13-14 year old guys to a girl?

Answer: I believe the guy has to be in to u, to even have anything to do with u. 1:he has to be attracted to u. 2:has to like ur personality 3:u have to relize ALL guys/boys/men r differant 4:never act diffurant around the person u like. 5:be normal. 6:just be a fun/outgoing person 7: make a good i ( Full Answer )

How many days should it take a guy to propose a girl after meeting her?

There is no set amount of days that it should take for a guy topropose to a girl after meeting her. Two people will get marriedwhen they feel that the time is right. That period of time can takea matter of weeks to several years. Marriage is a big step for twopeople to take and as such, requires car ( Full Answer )

Im a 14 year old guy and within the past year ive started having more girl friends than guy friends and feel uncomfrtable around other guys what can i do and has this ever happened to any other guy?

Welcome to the world of hormones... Totally normal... You'll probably always be attracted to females from now to the end of time. However in order to be a more productive member of society at some point you'll want to pick one girl. Then you'll hang out with the guys more since hanging with one girl ( Full Answer )

What is the farthest a girl should go with a guy if your 14?

in my opinion, making out is probably the farthest you should go, but umm, if ther is anything else you can think of...then go for it. Just DONT HAVE SEX!!! if ur wondering how far go can go at the age of fourteen here let me tell you, you can kiss make out but if hes to into having sex then hes not ( Full Answer )

Why do guys have to propose?

WHOA! ok,ok I'll tell you why. I'm a guy and let me tell you something if the girl proposes wouldn't that make it pretty odd. the guy proposes because it justs seems right. talk to me sometime I'll give further info. on this topic! =D The above is one of the worst answers I've ever read on th ( Full Answer )

What happens when a guy pees in a girl?

So long as he has no diseases it wont do any particular harm. and it will just drop out again however urine has many irritants in it that may well cause some pain discomfort at times.

What happens if a guy sucks girls breast?

Her nipples stand up and she starts to get Really hot. It prepares her for the sexual act and it makes her get more comfortable with you.

Can a guy that is having 19 date a 14 girl?

if you mean having 19 kids and wants to date a 14 your old itz possible if pparens allow it or if your sneeky enough if you mean is 19 annd wants a 14 yr old 2 some ppl money is more valuable or age doesn't matter but the love connection does....

What do 14 year old girls like in guys?

I like guys that talk to me and notice me and are not afraid to be themselves! I also like it when they TRY to make me laugh! I always laugh anyways! When they are sweet an like me for who i am on the inside and not just my looks! They don't judge and are just sweet and act like myu Best Friend ( Full Answer )

What happens when a guy teabags a girl?

the girl is actually a man called Dylan and he chokes on the big hairy ball dipping in and out of his mouth while taking a double ended dildo up his butt

What happens to a girl when they like a guy?

Usually, they will act really stupid around him trying to get his attention. They pay attention to him and his needs/feelings like nobody else is in the room (Even if it's filled to capacity with people). They usually will begin to fantasize about what it would be like if they dated. And they will u ( Full Answer )

What do guys like best about girls at age 12-14?

, It depends what you mean by 'what do we like about them'. However, I will try to provide advice because I have felt things like this too, however, it was vice-versa. I am 14 and hope my advice is of the greatest of help. First of all, I don't like the girl to try and impress me. The girl ne ( Full Answer )

When does a guy propose a girl?

When they've gotten to know each other, and the both feel they could grow old together. (Usually minimal of 1 year, that's what it takes to get past puppydog-honeymoon dating phase and start opening up to each other with all their little quirks)

What do 14 yr old guys look for in a girl?

, im 13, close enough to 14 and in a girl i look for someone who is mildly smart, is of course cute, athletic, and who be`s themselves and not trying to be someone your not because it IS very easy to know if a girl is not being themselves. but forget what im saying you should try this site. Well ( Full Answer )

What happens if a guy licks a girl?

If a guy licks a girl then he loves her but theo he wont beable to ask her out because you just done tht witch is over flerting

What do guys find attractive in a 14 year old girl?

depends on what a guy likes. maybe they like your personalty, or how pretty the girl is, maybe they like there genitals. (srry but its true, dont ask why it just is) and one more thing. They like it if you be yourself. dont act like someone you aren't. seriously guys just dont like it when girls pre ( Full Answer )

What happenes in relationship if a lady propose to a guy?

What would happen if a girl proposed to a guy??.... hmmm we'll here are 7 words to answer that question, no girl should propose to any guy!!!! If the guy hasn't proposed yet it's either cause he's not ready or thinks your not ready. It's different if they agree to marry toghether, but i personally t ( Full Answer )

What happens if a guy bleeds inside of a girl?

This is a great way to give someone a sexually transmitted disease, or get one yourself. It means that you have something wrong. Contact a medical professional or free clinic immediately! Please.

What happens when a girl looks at a guys body?

well when i look at a guy i usually wonder about 'development' and sometimes i dream back to my last day of school party at Boomtown when all the guy showed up shirtless...it was so hot.

What does a 14 year old girl need to do to impress a guy?

Well, I am 16 girl female. It depends are you trying to impress a guy your age or alot older. I know i sound bad when i say this but i am attracted to guys older then me not like 15 years older but when i was 14 i looked 18 trying to get men that were like 19-21 and lied about my age. In my opinion ( Full Answer )

What does a 14 year old guy likes in a girl?

Well you need to be... Quite attractive Good personality Interested in things he likes Seance of humor Funny just simple stuff like that will help a lot.

Can a guy the age of 11 date a girl the age of 14?

Of course you can, she just might not want to because girls don't tend to date guys that much younger... unless she's a couger. Anyway, if you both really like eachother who cares what people think :) so yes, yes you can date her

Why does your period have to happen to girls and not guys?

Menstruation occurs in both girls and guys - anyone who has auterus, ovaries, and a vagina will menstruate - yes some men havethose body parts and thus menstruate, this is why when talkingabout people who menstruate we say 'menstruators'. Menstruation is a result of the menstrual cycle; your body re ( Full Answer )

How propose the girl?

There are many ways a person can propose to a girl. You can ask asporting event in public, in a restaurant, or at home. Try to becreative so that she remembers it always.