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The check engine light will illuminate. The code(s) will direct you to the faulty sensor.

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Q: What happens if the oxygen sensor goes bad?
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What happens to a 1999 Honda Accord when the oxygen sensor goes bad?

When the oxygen sensor goes bad, the check engine light goes on.

What happens when a oxygen sensor goes bad?

When an oxygen sensor goes bad a car will burn gas at a higher than normal rate because it will not be producing as much power as before. The oxygen sensor checks the amount of exhaust.

What happens if the transaxle range sensor goes bad?

what happens if the transaxle range sensor goes bad?

What happens when a cam position sensor goes bad?

car will not start

What happens to a car when its intake air sensor goes bad?

It breaks.

What happens when the crankshaft sensor goes bad?

If the sensor is erratic, then the engine could shake or sometimes not run. If the sensor is completely bad, then the car wont start at all.

What happens when cam sensor goes bad in a 1999 Saturn sl2?

Nothing...........there is none.

Does a 1991 camaro rs have a gas sensor and if it goes bad where are they located?

Gas sensor? Not sure what you mean, could it be a Fuel gauge sensor? Oxygen sensor? Fuel pressure regulator?

What happens when an o2 sensor goes bad?

When an O2 sensor is bad your car will not run efficiently. You will use more gas than you would normally use on a trip.

What happens when a transaxle input speed sensor goes bad?

you have to get a new one. -dhwanish patel , India

What happens when crankshaft sensor on 2001 Dodge pickup goes bad?

AN engine that will not run correctly if at all.

What happens to wine when oxygen penetrates a natural cork in a bottle of wine?

The wine goes bad.

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