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What happens if title search done is wrong?

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A title examination that is not performed by a professional with a legal background, who knows how to recognize a title defect, can result in costly corrective work when the property owner next tries to sell or mortgage the property. A title insurance company recently reported that it costs around $15,000 to cure the average title defect at this time. There are so many problems that can be missed by an unqualified "title searcher". The 24 hour turn-around companies are notorious for creating title defects.

One clue that you may be dealing with an unprofessional is the use of the terms title search and title searcher. A professional title examiner is not searching for the title they are performing a careful examination of the record title in order to determine the status.

Fortunately there are many good title examiners working in the real estate industry and they find many problems that were missed by less qualified people in past transactions. The first problem that occurs when some serious defect was missed in the past is that whatever you are transacting comes to a screeching halt. Whether you are selling or refinancing, the defect must be corrected before the transaction can be completed. That type of situation can give a buyer a way out of the contract. Also, most buyers can't wait for the problem to be solved and you lose the sale.

I can tell you what happens in most cases in my area. First the title problem is reported to the seller's attorney who tries to remedy the situation at the seller's cost. For a serious problem, the issue is kicked up to the title insurance company. Then the company farms the problem out to a law firm to resolve problem or cure the title defect. First they will gather up all the bad reports on the problem and then will have a comprehensive title examination performed (too bad that wasn't done in the first place) that costs more than it would have if done at the beginning. Then the law firm studies the title problem as reported by the examiner and takes time trying to determine the best way to resolve it. Remember now, no one is in a big rush. Lawyers are slow about this process. It may take weeks or months or years.

If you had no title insurance coverage, this cost is on you. If you used a low cost title company or an out-of-state, 24 hour turn-around company when you purchased your property they will not be there for you. You need to hire a lawyer to solve the problem before you can sell the property.

It is so much better at the beginning of your real estate transaction to ask "how good" instead of "how fast and cheap" when the title examination is ordered. It is a common problem that people hate to spend money protecting their biggest investment. They save about $50 to $150 by having a cheap, fast title search done. In addition, when pinching pennies they often don't get an owner's policy to protect them from that cheap title work.

2008-07-04 03:34:26
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Q: What happens if title search done is wrong?
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How do you get a title search done?

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The wording in the deed is no different just because the buyer did not want to pay for a title search and title insurance. The responsibility is with the buyer to know what he/she is getting when he buys the property. You can sue after the fact, but good luck if you don't take responsibility to have the property checked out.

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What is the purpose of a title search?

To determine the owner of the property, the liens on the property and the judgments against the owners that may attach to the property. It is done to assure the buyer and/or the lender that the title is clear and marketable.

If a buyer does not have a title search done for a real estate purchase could he be in breech of contract?

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After you've already done a good title search can a title company hold your money for 6 months after closing?

A title company may hold back a portion of the proceeds to pay for a repair of a physical problem with the property or a title problem. They must have given you the reason for the hold back at the time of the closing. "Doing a good title search" doesn't prevent a hold back. The title search may have disclosed a reason for a holdback. Call the title company asap and ask for an update. If it goes on for an unreasonable amount of time or they don't respond to your calls then file a complaint with your attorney general or if the title company is operated by lawyers then file a complaint with the state bar overseers.

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