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not much actually but you are supposed to exercise 5 times a week and it is enough .if you very fat you should exercise regularly but if not you should exercise 5 times a week as recomended

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Q: What happens if we don't exercise one day?
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How much should you exercise?

around 20 minutes per day... keep a balanced weight.. dont go overboard and try to loose 30 pounds in one day, you will be very sick.

What is an injury that happens during excessive exercise?

exercising injuries can occur when you dont do things right. It means that if you dont stretch befaore any games you can pull a musle. Injuries can occur if you put to much presure on one leg and to much exercise.

What is the amount of exercise you should do a day?

One hour a day... But more is fine!

Give three reasons why exercise is important?

Why do you think exercise is important i dont know but some one better tell me now!!!!!!

What happens if you don't have Facebook?

Then you dont ave one

What will happen if you don't eat a lot and get no exercise like one granola bar eat a day?

You will become emaciated if you do not eat a lot and get no exercise like the one Granola eat a day.

What happens if you wear the patch for one day then take it off what are the chances of pregnancy?

Your risk of pregnancy is unchanged if you wear the birth control patch for one day. If you dont' wish to be pregnant, talk with your health care provider about other alternatives.

What happens to your body when you dont exercise?

depends on if you have a high or low metabalism. if you have a high one it probably doesnt matter if you excercise or not. if you have a low one you will probably get fat...if you dont excercise

What happens if you are a member on club penguin for one day?

Then you just be a member for one day.

What does it mean when you plateau when dieting?

It means that you reach a point where you no longer continue losing weight. This usually happens when you don't vary your calorie intake or exercise regime enough. To avoid a plateau when dieting you should vary your calories by 100-200 calories each day. You should also vary your exercise regime, i.e 20 minutes one day, 40 minutes the next or Cardio one day and Pilates the next.

What happens if you are on the pill and you spot onE DAY ON WEEK 1 and another on week 2 but dont get your period?

If you don't get your period on week four, chances are good that you're pregnant.

How many hours should you exercise daily?

To be healthy, the average person should exercise for at least one hour every day.