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What happens if you drink to much water?

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You will need to go to the loo

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What happens if you drink a lot of water?

If you drink too much water you may suffer water toxicity which can be fatal.

What happens as salt dissolves in water?

The water will taste salty and not good to drink, ocean water is salty and if you drink too much of it you can die.

What happens if a cat drink to much toilet water?

if a cat drinks too much toilet water it can start vomiting

What happens to a cell if it take too much water?

They might burst because you might drink to much water. This case can be HYPONATERMIA

What happens to water after you drink it?

You die

What happens when you eat too much snow?

Snow is water but from the sky. Tell me what happens when you drink too much rain water. That's what will happen if you eat too much snow. (other than brain freeze)

What happens if you drink gray water?

is we drink grey water we will get really REALLY REALLY sick!!!!!!

What happens if you eat too much mint?

Your mouth gets really dry and its hard to drink water.

Can you drown if you drink gallons and gallons of water?

Okay, here's what I know.If you drink WAY too much water, you can get water intoxication. This mostly happens to athletes, and young infants. Infants might drink many bottles of water, and athletes might drink too much since, of course, they sweat a lot.So, you can sort of "drown", but only technically.

Can you drink too much water?

Yes, it is possible to drink too much water.

What happens when you drink tap water?

You get hydrated

What happens to sewer water?

people drink it

What happens if a horse drinks too much water in a day?

A horse should not drink too much water if he is hot or over worked...just like you he can sick.

What happens when a human drinks too much salt water?

If you drink too much salt water, you become dehydrated and could eventually die from severe dehydration.

How much do rhinos drink?

They drink water....?

What happens when you drink too much water?

You can get water intoxication, which can effect the balance of the electrolytes in your body and can cause swelling, faster heartbeats etc.

What happens when you mix marmite and water?

If it is hot water then you have a great drink.

What happens when you don't drink water?

You can get fat!!! You can get fat!!!

What happens if you dont drink water?

You die of dehydration.

What happens if you drink dirty water?

You can get cholera and diarrhea

What happens to the sewer water?

takes out poopie then you drink it

What happens to humans if you drink no water for a day?

you will get dehidrated.

What happens if you drink smart water?

U get diarrhea

What happens when you use drinking water for plants?

they drink

What happens when people drink polluted water?

they die