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What happens if you get stopped by the police in Virginia and only have a learner's permit?


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Thank you, it makes a lot of sense.The person with the learner's permit is my mother, an adult. She has had her permit for over three months and had gone to the store, located a mile away from the house, when she was pulled over for a traffic violation in Virginia. The police officer pulled her over after she made a right turn stating that she "disregarded a red light", and gave her a ticket, a fine. However, I am seriously considering the option to challenge that ticket, because even though there is a "no turn on red" sign, there is also a sign that reads "while pedestrian are present" and no one was outhere. Then, he gave her an additional ticket for driving with a permit only, for which she has to appear in court. I'd like to get as much information as possible and be prepared.

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Laws vary state-to-state, but generally, if you're found guilty of a moving violation and you don't have a licensed driver in the car, you could lose the opportunity to get a driver's license until you're 18 (plus, you're responsible for any fines, damages, penalties etc.) You may wish to go to court and ask the judge for empathy - and if the officer who issued a citation doesn't show up [which DOES happen], the case is dismissed, you owe nothing and you're off Scott free... this time.

Be careful!