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You either settle out of court or you end up in court. Given that the debt is probably well documented, the court will issue a judgment against you, perhaps including the court costs (usually you have agreed to this in the contract). Then the creditor will give you a certain time to pay off the money, or they will garnish your wages, foreclose or seize assets to be sold.

You respond and defend youself.

If you have no defense, you pay.

If you don't or can't pay, they can get a judgment and may seize your property assets.

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Q: What happens if you get sued by a creditor?
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Can you be sued for a charged off credit debt by the original creditor?


Can you be sued by the original creditor if the debt is now owned by a debt buyer?

No they can not sue you.

Can my wages be garnished because of my wife's medical bills?

Wages can be garnished if the creditor wins a judgment against you. In order to so that, you must first be sued by the creditor. And the creditor must win the judgment in court. If you are sued, be sure to attend the court hearing and plead your case to prevent this from happening.

Can you personaly be sued for unpaid debt when your chapter 13 was dismissed?

Yes, you can be sued for the original debt, minus any money the creditor received during the 13 plan.

Dose the creditor have to be in the same state as you to be sued?

NO ... in fact the company does not even have to be in the same country in order for you to sue them ...

Can a creditor levy your bank account and how?

A creditor can only levy your bank account by getting a judgment against you. To do that, they must sue you. And they must win in court. If you are sued by a creditor, be sure to show up for court to prevent this from happening.

In North Carolina can you be sued for credit card debt if you become disabled and have lost everything you own?

Yes, the debtor can still be sued by the creditor regardless of his or her financial status. However, disability payments are protected by both federal and state laws and are exempt from creditor attachment.

Can your wages be garnish if your RV is repossess?

Only if you are sued for the debt. First the RV is repossessed. Then you will get collection notices in the mail. If you are going to be sued, you will get notice of that too. If you are sued, the judge can award the creditor a judgment that allows them to garnish your wages.

What will happen to you if you are sued for credit card debt?

The creditor will file suit if the bill is large enough, and a judgment will be obtained. Then, the creditor will go after your paycheck, bank accounts, and property.Talk to an attorney,soon.

You are being sued in small claims court by a third party debt collector can you contact the original creditor and pay them?

No, the original creditor has sold the debt and is no longer involved in the collection process.

If you are sued in the state of Maryland in a civil case creditor vs debtor cant afford a lawyer or a settlement?

if you lost your screwed

What happens if a lawyer gets sued?

just the same as when we get sued... but they have more help on their side i Devon teale..:) :)

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