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A man in New Jersey tested this out and was disappointed to find out the engine stalls and does nothing. Also it will not hurt the engine.

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Q: What happens if you put jet fuel in a car?
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What happens if you put fossil fuel in a car?

petrol and diesel are fossil fuels so if you put fossil fuels in your car it should run

How can you identify jet from coal?

you can take a small sample of fuel and light a match and put it to the fuel. coal fuel will ignite whereas jet fuel will extinguish the flam of the match.

What happens if you put diesel in a car?

Then you get the tank dropped and drain it out, replace the fuel filter(s), and flush the fuel system. Other than that, nothing actually happens - the diesel fuel won't ignite.

What can pepsi do inside your car fuel?

NO, if you put it in the fuel it will ruin the car.

How far can a fighter jet fly?

Depends how much fuel you put in it

How do you put out a jet fuel fire?

Foamy stuff to suffocate the fire

What happens if you put dirt bike gas in a car?

It might smoke a little and eventually ruin the fuel system.

What happens if you put the wrong fuel in a car engine?

depends on the wrong fuel you put in it. There are a lot of different fuels. In general, if you put the wrong fuel in the engine, if its a higher octane it will over rev and blow up. If its a lower octane, it will puddle and flood the system.

How do you put the jet fuel into the analyzer in club penguin?

you look for a fuel tank while flying around. then fly over to it and you will get more fuel.

What type of fuel is used for a turboprop engine?

Jet fuel--Jet A in the civilian world, usually JP-8 in the military. You can also put JP-4 or JP-5 in one.

Why do you put fuel in a car?

So it can move!

How do you burn CD ROM games?

Materials:CDgamesLighterjet fuel(to allow the complet process of biamay fusion)a living organism with expection of bacteria and virus.Prodecure:Place the jet fuel in a bowl. Put the CD in the Bowl where the jet fuel is located. Carefully ignite your JET fuel via bowl.Hop dis hllllps.THankyou and have a nice day

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