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I guarentee you will be replacing your motor if you try this one i did this on accident and i am currently looking for a motor for my truck

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2007-11-21 15:31:03
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Q: What happens to a car if you do not fill it with motor oil?
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What happens to the car when you add oil in the engine?

the motor gets lubricated.

What happens if you drive your car without oil?

Your cars motor will explode.

What happens if you fill up oil if the car is on?

CREATES A MESS, and gives you a false reading of oil level

What happens if you put 10 30 motor oil in a car that takes 5 20 motor oil?

It can causes serious damage

Ran car low on oil is their a reset?

no no no put oil in and hope the motor is ok. check the oil every time you fill up

What happens to the speed of light in motor oil?

As long as the light remains in the motor oil, nothing happens to its speed.

What happens if you mix old with new motor oil?

No problem at all.Tip: Always use Fully Synthetic engine oil in your car/motorcycle.

What weight oil for 1992 ford f-250?

How much motor oil is needed to fill an 1992 f-250? How much motor oil is needed to fill an 1992 f-250?

What motor oil is best regular or synthetic?

The best motor oil for you car depends on the car. Many old cars can only handle regular motor oil.

Where does the oil go in for a 1998 ford expedition?

The motor oil, in your 1998 Ford expedition, should be put in the oil fill tube. The oil fill tube should have a That labels it as the oil fill tube.

Car Motor Oil ?

form_title= Car Motor Oil form_header= Know your car is in good shape when you change your oil. When was your oil last changed?*= _ [50] How often do you change your oil?*= _ [50] What oil do you use? *= _ [50]

What happens when you put bar and chain oil in car engine?

it is just 30 weight oil with no detergent so it will work but its not good for the motor in the long run

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