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Your heart rate speeds up and your blood flow is increased.

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the heart increases in rythm and pumps more blood to the muscles

Cardiovascular exercise works the enitre cardiovascular system and is proven as the most effective exercise. It not only reduces risks of heart attack or stroke, but it can also tone muscles as well.

changes in diastolic funtion during exercise.

Because the blood flowing is more important for the cardiovascular system than the urinary system during intense exercise.

Appropriate rates of exercise in accordance with age, health and physical capabilities, it will strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Proper warm up is the best way to prepare your cardiovascular system for exercise.

"Aerobic exercise is good for one's cardiovascular system."

Yes. In fact, it is a fitness test of the cardiovascular system.

with regular exercise, your cardiovascular system not only becomes more efficient as a whole, but your resting heart rate will also decrease

There is no exercise for the cardiovascular system that is "best" for everyone. Any exercise that makes the system work is "good," such as aerobics, swimming, walking, jogging, sports, etc.

The respiratory system is unimportant during strength training and stretching. It is very important during cardiovascular exercise (cardio). Regular cardio that is neither too mild nor too strenuous can be very beneficial to your body. .

There are many exercise that can increase your cardiovascular system performance. Jogging and walking has proven to be very effective in this case and very beneficial.

Yes!! Exercise has many health and mood benefits!!

There are no negative effects of exercise on the cardiovascular system, much on the contrary. Of course, you need to be in good coronary conditions in order to practice most cardiovascular sports and exercise like walking, running, swimming, etc. but even if you have a condition it will be beneficial if practised moderately.

cardiovascular exercise help improve your cardiovascular system (lungs, heart, veins, and arteries) it will help you develop endurance, lose weight, and more importantly live longer.

Exercise has the potential of impacting all of our body systems including the digestive system. Exercising can increase the efficiency of the digestive system.

The power plant of the cardiovascular system is the heart. The heart is a muscle. Muscles get stronger with exercise. As your heart muscle gets stronger it becomes healthier and is a better "leader" for the body's vasculature.

Neither strength training nor stretching has much of an impact on the cardiovascular system. On the other hand, proper cardio exercise (such as running or cycling) can increase the efficiency of the cardiovascular system, in other words, it can increase your fitness. This is very beneficial, both in daily life and during emergencies. .

Regular exercise, coupled with a balanced diet.

Yes, it works out your cardiovascular system, a.k.a. your heart.

It has to work progressively harder to do the same tasks.

-You would have no health and fitness without the cardiovascular system. This is basically the body's heart and lungs, and how well they work together to oxygenate your blood and provide the body with much needed oxygen during exercise.

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