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when you stop exercising, you'r muscles get "looser". They end up looking fatty like, but do not actually turn into fat. If you're wanting to keep your body tone, keep exercising. Otherwise, your muscles will start to sag from lack of use.

2006-07-31 03:27:05
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Why do your hands swell up after exercise?

Your muscles swell up after exercise. This happens largely because there is increased blood supply to the muscles. Resting muscles get half litre of blood per minute. After exercise the muscles get twenty litres of blood per minute.

What happens to your muscles if you exercise anaerobically?

anaerobic respiration causes a build up of lactic acid in your muscles which causes cramp.

What happens to your breathing when you excerise?

Your breathing speeds up when you exercise in order to get oxygen to your muscles and heart.

What Happens to muscles after execise?

After exercise muscles fill up with lactic acid. a cool down is always essential after exercise. preferably stretching to release the acid which causes muscle pain.

What happens during strenuous exercise?

During strenuous exercise, you are burning calories. You may also be setting your muscles up to be fatigued and shaky.

Why do muscles feel sore after exercise?

Your muscles tightening up

What happens to your breathing and circulation when you give up exercise?

it becomes harder and u become fatter!

What happens to your muscles when they do lactic acid fermentation?

Your muscles produce lactic acid when these is not enough oxygen, such strenuous exercise. When lactic acid builds up in muscle cells, muscles become fatigued and might feel sore.

What happens to the heart rate during exercise?

your muscles need oxygen and blood so when you exercise your muscles need more oxygen and blood so the heart works faster to supply more blood and oxygen and the heart rate goes up

How does exercise prevent the risk of injury?

because it warms your muscles up and stretchs out your muscles.

What happens if you don't warm up before exercise?

There are several things that could happen you don't do any form of warm up before an exercise. You don't give your muscles the ability to stretch and get some exercise before you put them through a vigorous workout and you could pull a muscle. It's also good to give your body a little bit of that early push so that it can ease into a longer workout more fluently.

Does exercise cause weight gain?

It can especialy if you are lightly buils as exercise builds up muscles.

What bulids up muscles?

actually you need to have some protein in order to build up your muscles and you need exercise too.

Why is it good to warm up before exercise?

I think it is to prepare our muscles for the exercises so as not to hurt our muscles.

What causes muscle cramping after rigorous exercise or repeated movement?

Your muscles cramp up after exercise if you do not stretch

Why is exercise important for muscle?

Exercise is important for muscle because it builds up your muscles, and make them stronger.

How does the muscular system respond to exercise long and short term?

when you exercise, your muscles get bigger and stronger. if you lay off the exercise, then your muscles get smaller and weaker. wrong That is a silly answer. When you exercise your muscle tone increases. This is due to the muscles tearing during exercise, the muscles then heal and this leads to a build in your muscle tone. This however happens whilst you are resting not when you are exercising. This happens due to the muscles taking knocks during exercise due to the amount of pressure and tension put on the muscles when. This makes the muscle pick up slight knocks. Once healed, they come back bigger and stronger so that the muscle can cope with that amount of pressure and tension put on it before for another time. The tendons will also get stronger as they are being active. The voluntary muscles will begin to function more efficiently and function at greater ease with regular exercise. This is because the brains reaction time will increase if it is regularly used.

Why does muscle pliability increase during acute exercise?

during exercise your muscles contain lactic acid by streching your muscles it clears up the lactic acid and allows your muscles to be pliable to diffrent movements

What acid builds up in muscles during exercise?

Lactic acid.

Why do athletes experience a burning sensation in their muscles after vigorous exercise?

It is caused by the build up of lactic acid in the muscles.

When you do hard exercise your muscles may ache why?

When you exercise, your breathing rate increases. This is because your body needs to pump more blood around your body to get energy to your muscles. When this happens, your body take in air anaerobically (with little oxygen), causing the lactic acid to build up. This is what makes your muscles ache when exercising. However after exercising, your muscles will ache because: a) They are not used to the session. b) You worked hard. Therefore when you exercise your muscles will contract, which is what makes them ache after a training session. Hope this helps!

What is the result of lactic acid build up?

your muscles are sore after rapid exercise

Why does lactic acid build up in muscles during vigorous exercise?

to die

What causes muscles to ache during hard exercise?

Lactic acid is formed by anaerobic respiration, and builds up in the muscles.

Why do your muscles ache days after exercise?

Exercising creates microtears in the fibres that make up your muscles. When you're muscles ache, your body is repairing these tears and making your muscles stronger.