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If it is a male betta and its finns are not openned (like when they get angry), while he is looking at the reflection (I'm guessing it's almost like a mirror reflection) there is something wrong about your fish. Maybe he/she is lonely, or it is breeding season for your fish. But careful about putting two betta fishes in one tank~!

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Should you get a betta fish and are thay boring?

If you want an active fish that moves around a lot then a Betta is not for you.

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Is your betta sick if he lies on the bottom of the tank but still moves a little?

Not nessessarily. Bettas tend to get listless and lazy if you don't change their water often, and if they have no stimulation. Theres a great product out there called a Floating Betta Exercise Mirror that will make your betta think there is another betta in the tank. It can be used to stimulate the fish into more activity. You can find them online, at (product #25109).

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