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Can u imagine a merrygoround with so many kids on it that three kids can hardly turn it? now imagine that same merrygoround with only two kids trying to turn it. Same thing with one line missing. it will sit there and burn until a breaker goes or the other kids burn out.

If you have a motor running it will run until it is stopped but it wont start again.



called single phasing,, the other 2 phases ampers increase and trip the motor overloads.. or blow fuses

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Q: What happens when a phase gets disconnected in a 3 phase four wire and 3 phase three wire system?
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What happens if one phase fails in three phase system?

If one phase fails in a three phase system it will cause the voltage to drop.

What happens if the source of 220 Volts originates from two legs of a 3-phase circuit?

Nothing happens. This is a normal way to obtain a single phase system from a three phase system.

In a modern industrial plant the most likely polyphase power system in use is a A. one-phase system. C. three-phase system. B. two-phase system. D. four-phase system.?

three phase system......

What happens when a three phase motor losses a phase?

The overload protection system of the motor should activate immediatly to save the motor from burning.

How many volt each phase in three phase?

The voltages in each of the three coils of a three phase system will be equal no matter what voltage the system uses.

In a modern industrial plant the most likely polyphase power system in use is a a one-phase system. b two-phase system. c three-phase system. d four-phase system.?

A "three-phase system" is a polyphase system having three phases. The term "polyphase system" just means a system having multiple phases. If it is used by itself, "a polyphase system" doesn't mean "a three-phase system".

How does a two-phase system differ from a three phase system?

A two-phase system is archaic and you are unlikely to find it in use anywhere these days, so it is mainly of historical interest. A two-phase, three-wire system, consists of two phase voltages, displaced from each other by 90 electrical degrees, and a phase voltage which is 1.414 x phase voltage.A three-phase system consists of three phase voltages which are displaced from each other by 120 electrical degrees. In the case of a three-phase, three-wire, system, the line voltages are numerically equal to the phase voltages; in the case of a three-phase, four-wire, system, the line voltages are 1.732 x phase voltage.

What cannot be considered a single phase?

Any load that needs three legs from a three phase system can not be considered single phase. Single phase from a three phase system only needs a connection to two legs.

What is kando system?

it convert the single phase in to three phase.

What is a balanced three phase system?

A balanced three phase system is where the currents into the loads placed on all three phases of the service are reasonably close to each other in amperage.Another opinionA 'balanced' three-phase system describes a three-phase load in which each phase current is identical in both magnitude and phase. If the phase currents are only 'reasonably close', then the load is not balanced.

How many degrees out of phase are the voltages of a three phase system?

3 phase is 120 degrees out of phase to each other <<>> There are 120 electrical degrees separation between phases in a three phase system.

What is the advantages of a three phase system over the single phase system?

The 3 phase system has an advantage for the single phase system for sure, the 3 phase system has more power than the single phase system, such that p=3vicos(theta).

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