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when metals react with acid hydrogen gas is liberated . and salt is formed

eg; 2Na+2Hcl ------ 2Nacl+H2

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Nothing happens. They don't react.

They react to form salt and water .

Sodium chloride and nitric acid doesn't react.

Nothing happens. Gold will not react with sulfuric acid.

Acid + Metal = Salt + Hydrogen

It causes the matals to rust faster.

Nickel doesn't react with the acetic acid.

what happen when fatti acid react with the NaOH

Sulfuric acid doesn't react with sulfur.

Sulfur doesn't react with hydrochloric acid.

Sulfur doesn't react with hydrochloric acid.

The react to form zinc sterate and water

Copper does not react with dilute Sulphuric acid.

Nothing happens because gold doesn't react with sulfuric acid.

Arsenic acid (with concentrated HNO3) and arsenious acid (with diluted HNO3) are obtained.

Stomach acid oviasly cantains acid so when acid and alkali are mixed neutralasation happens.

Magnesium reacts with an acid to produce hydrogen gas and a magnesium salt.

Copper doesn't react to dilute sulphuric acid.

They react to form their corresponding salt and water.HCl + NaOH --> NaCl + H2O

no reaction will take place because copper does not react with dilute sulphuric acid, it will only react with hot and concentrated sulphuric acid.

NaCl + HCl --> No Reaction NaCl is already a neutral salt and will not react with hydrochloric acid.

they form a neutralized substance.They form the salt.

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