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What happens when there bills but no money or property to sell and the person dies?

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Check with an attorney on this...however, speaking from experience if the person is an unmarried/widowed parent the bills just don't get paid. The children of the deceased are not obligated to pay them UNLESS they are on the accounts too. If the person was married and the spouse is still alive then the spouse becomes responsible in most states. There is lots of information on the Web regarding these questions...I have found a ton of information here in the last few months regarding this. Also, most attorneys will give you a free consultation. Don't sweat this. It's bad but it's not the end of the happens.

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What happens to my credit card debt after I die if I have a power of attorney?

If you have money or property - the bills will be paid. If you don't have any money the bills won't be paid.

In Ontario what happens to your credit card balance when you die?

In almost all jurisdictions, any money owed by a deceased person is payable from the assets of that person. Typically, money held in a bank account for that person can be used to pay outstanding bills but funds from other assets such as physical property, houses etc can be used. If there are no assets (the deceased had no money and no property of value) then the amount owing on a credit card will be written off. In this case, his relatives are not responsible for the debts.

Can a lien be put on a property where executor borrowed your money after person died to pay estate bills for another property?

You need to consult with an attorney ASAP and bring with you any loan agreement signed by the executor.

What happens if you unknowingly got counterfeit money and used it to pay bills?

Any counterfeit money has to be turned over to law enforcement. There will be an investigation and if it is determined that the person did not know the money was counterfeit there would not be any charges. The person does forfeit the money but they can file a petition for the remission of the money.

What happens if you wash us dollar bills?

The money becomes clean.

What happens when you don't pat bills and shopkeepers can testify that?

You owe the shopkeepers money, simple as that.

How do you bundle money for the bank?

$1 bills = $100 money bundle $2 bills = $200 money bundle $5 bills = $500 money bundle $10 bills = $1,000 money bundle $20 bills = $2,000 money bundle $50 bills = $5,000 money bundle $100 bills = $10,000 money bundle

What if you are listed on someone else's bank account and you have to file bankrupt?

What about it? If you are listed on a parent's or child's account to assure bills are paid in the even something happens to the other person, and you have contributed none of the money in the account, the trustee probably will let you claim it as property in trust for another. Otherwise, half of it counts as your asset.

What happens when your parents are deceased and there is no money left in the estate to pay for medical bills?

If there is any other property such as real estate then it must be sold to pay the debts. If there are no assets the estate will be deemed insolvent by the court and the creditors are out of luck.

What happens if you foreclose?

You get your property back and get to keep any money already paid for it.

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Do you have to probate an estate when there is no money and no property?

When a person dies without a will, their belongings are said to be intestate, and the case will be probated. If there is no money, property, or jewelry that the person wants to leave to someone, it is best to settle in probate for any possessions.

What happens if you don't have the money to pay your bills you've lost your job and only collect social security?

Your screwed.

What is meaning of embezzle?

EMBEZZLE - The wrongful or willful taking of money or property belonging to someone else after the money or property has lawfully come into the possession or control of the person taking it.

What happens to back taxes if the estate has no money?

If they are property taxes, there is a lien on the property. In those cases the property has to be sold to settle the debts. If there are no assets in the estate, the taxes won't get paid.

What does heire mean?

A heir is a person entitled to inherit belongings, property, money a title or rank from a deceased person.

What happens when the executor spends the estates money and does not pay bills?

They have breached their fiduciary duty. They can be held liable and prosecuted for theft.

What happens if a person owes you money and dies before paying it off?

The Estate owes you the money

Difference between authorization bills and appropriations bills?

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no only the House may initiate money bills

What happens to a lien placed on a property and that person who is owed the money dies?

The debt is owed to their estate.The debt is owed to their estate.The debt is owed to their estate.The debt is owed to their estate.