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  • On a starvation diet, the body slows down its metabolism to conserve energy. This means the longer you go on not eating/eating too little ,the slower your weight loss will be. Without sufficient glucose (from food) for your brain's functioning, you will experience mental fatigue, inability to concentrate ,irritability, headaches, confusion. Because your muscles won't get enough fuel to work on, you'll feel faint, unstable and weak. To lose weight you need to keep your energy up by keeping muscles strong and giving it fuel (food!) and eat small frequent meals but make healthy choice. If you starve yourself to lose weight, you will find rapid weight loss. You'll lose the weight right off, and you'll look great. Your body is smart. It knows that you starved it, so as soon as you start eating again, it stores anything and everything it can from the food you are eating, just in case you starve yourself again so that it has something to live off of. When your body is storing all of these things, you'll find yourself gaining weight again rapidly, sometimes more than you initially lost. There's no way to stop this either unless you stop eating again, but then the next time you eat your body will again store anything it can take from the food you're eating. Starving yourself to lose weight ends up being harmful. Starvation is just that, starving, and your making your body go through hell to keep yourself alive. and you might want to look up metabolic acidosis. The smart way to lose weight and keep it off is not easy, but will give you the results you seek. A well-balanced diet with all the correct serving sizes and a moderate exercise regiment are what is needed to be healthy and have a body that is lean. Please don't take the easy way out and end up harming yourself.
  • When you deprive your body of sustenance it uses your fat and muscle for nutrients. If you are working every muscle group, your body will consume the excess fat in your body. If you are not exercising every major muscle group, your body will use a combination of fat and muscle to keep going. You will feel extremely tired and slow. If prolonged starvation occurs, the weight loss will quickly begin to taper as your metabolism adjusts to not getting enough food. In the end, starving yourself could have serious consequences for your body. Healthy and fast weight loss can be achieved by consuming no less than 1000 calories a day and high intensity cardio for an hour five/six days a week.
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Your body goes into crisis mode Your health is seriously compromised

You may form a habit of using this ill-advised weight-loss method

Doctors and dieticians recommend losing weight gradually, allowing a whole month for every 4 to 8 pounds you want to lose. Do not starve yourself, or skip meals, or try throwing up.
Here's a program for the period in which you want to lose weight:
Try to get plenty of moderate aerobic exercise (intense exercise may damage your joints). It isn't essential to join a gym; you can do sit-ups, pushups, dumbbell-lifting, jumping-jacks, and many other basic exercises at home. Walk as much as possible. Bicycling and swimming are good too. Even for people who are not trying to lose weight, being active helps your digestion, your circulation, and other body processes.

Even more important than exercise, is avoiding junk foods and sweetened drinks such as soda. Try to avoid refined flour and pasta, processed foods, fried foods, and fatty cuts of meat. Preferably consume no added sugar, and as little added salt as possible.

Our great-grandparents didn't have the epidemic of obesity we see today, because they had a less-sedentary lifestyle, a much more natural diet, and they ate reasonably-sized portions.

Eat 3 not-large-portioned meals per day; do not skip breakfast; and avoid sugary snacks. If you want a snack, try (for example) an apple or a handful of unsalted nuts.

Limit your calories (best to consult a doctor or nutritionist concerning the amount), and weigh yourself at the same time each day, 2-3 times per week. If you see your weight diminishing at a safe, reasonable rate (1-2 pounds/week), keep it up.

Once you've reached your goal, increase your calorie intake somewhat, so that you can maintain your present weight. And you can then have small amounts of sweetened foods or junk food on occasion (if at all), along with your regular healthy foods. But keep checking your weight 2-3 times/week.

Avoid crash-diets, fad diets, diet pills, etc. These may be harmful, and need not be considered by people who have adopted an otherwise healthy diet.

More guidelines:
Don't concentrate on specific foods so much as on a balanced, healthy diet plus exercise.

Healthy nutrition means eating what your body needs, while ingesting as few harmful things as possible. It has also been described as getting enough of each of the major food categories, in healthy forms (grains, fruits, vegetables, protein, dairy, etc.; plus plenty of water).

In general, an example of a healthy starting point could be a menu of whole-grain foods and bread, a good amount of vegetables, legumes, some fruits and nuts, fish, lean meats in not-large amounts, and some dairy. However, this may need adjusting according to one's lifestyle, age, health, weight and other factors at the outset; and also later, as one sees what works for him/her in particular.

Also...whenever you feel queasy, nauseous, constipated or otherwise not completely well, try to remember what you've eaten over the last several hours or the last day. This is one factor in adjusting one's food habits.

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Q: What happens when you starve yourself to lose weight?
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Related questions

If you starve yourself and drink water can you lose weight?

you will lose your life not your weight!

How much weight will you lose if you starve yourself for a day?

You will not lose enough weight to notice by starving yourself for one day.

How long do you starve yourself till you lose 5 pounds?

You should never starve yourself to lose weight, this is very dangerous. A well balanced diet and exercise are the best ways to lose weight.

Is it good to starve yourself to lose weight?

No. Starving yourself to lose weight is not safe, nor is it effective in the long term,for weight loss.

How do you starve myself to lose 60 pounds?

It is unsafe to starve yourself in order to lose weight. The best way to lose weight is by eating a balanced diet and lots of exercise.

Is it harmful to starve yourself to lose weight?

Yes, very much...

How much weight do you lose when you starve yourself?

If for one day 5kg.

You dont know whever you should starve yourself or no?

never starve yourself! that is completely unhealthy! if you want to lose weight talk to your doctor.

If you starve yourself for 15 days without eating anything but only drinking water how much weight will you lose?

if you starve yourself for 35 hours you can lose 2 kg. i guess you can lose to 20 kg.

Is it true that if you starve yourself you will not lose weight?

It is true that if you starve yourself you will lose weight. however, you will lose weight off your most attractive body parts, such as your boobs and bum. Fat will stay around your mid section unless you do cardio, and your legs and arms won't change at all.

Why should you not starve yourself?

Many people starve themselves indeed because they want to lose weight, but infact, this does not help at all. Wehn you don't eat, your body thinks it is starving and produces fat. So the best way to lose weight is to eat healthily, not starve yourself!

Im a 16 year old 5'3'' female that weighs 155 if i starve yourself for a week how much weight can i lose?

The answer to this is that if you do starve yourself you'll GAIN WEIGHT! Just eat healthy and excersize.

What happens if you starve yourself for 10 days and how much will you lose?

About 4 or 5 pounds

Will you lose weight if you starve yourself for four days and then eat on the fifth day?

u will loose weight if u starve u r self for as long as u can

If you dont eat will you lose weight?

yeah but you should just eat healthy and exercise to lose weight because its extremely unhealthy to starve yourself

Is it a good idea to starve yourself to lose weight?

No you will loose your hair you will also become week

How many pounds will you lose if you starve yourself for one week?

Starving yourself for one week is not a good way to lose weight. Starving yourself causes your body to go into starvation mode. During this time your body will store fat and you will not lose weight.

If you are 12 years old and 120 pounds how long would you have to starve yourself to lose 15 pounds?

It takes longer to lose weight if you weight uder 130lbs. you would probably have to starve yourself for more than a week to lose 15lbs. I found out myself and you won't feel healthy. You will still lose weight if you eat low calorie foods you can look them up on google.

How much weight will you loss if you starve yourself?

Starving yourself is never a good way to lose weight. It is very dangerous and can be deadly. Some people can lose considerable amounts of weight by starving, but it also really hurts the body.

If you starve yourself and lose weight will your stomach be flabby?

Certainly wont be the tight hip stomach you are looking for, no.

How do you lose lovehadles?

Starve yourself...

How much weight will you lose if you starve for one month?

I doubt that you can starve yourself for a month as your body will not allow it. It all depends on how much you weigh now and how active you are.

How much weight will you lose if you starve yourself for a month?

If you literally starve yourself, you could have long term health affects, it is not a good way to lose weight. A reasonable diet should help you lose 8 to ten pounds the first month, slowing down at that point. Consult a physician for help in determining what the best option for you is.

How do you convince your parents to let you starve yourself?

I don't think that you should starve yourself if you're trying to lose weight. Actually, you shouldn't starve yourself for anything. If you're doing this to lose weight, you should try eating a little bit less and exercising a little bit more. There are also foods that you can eat, like whole grains, that stall your hunger, making you not eat as much.

What happens if you do not eat food for a long time?

You go into starvation mode and your body conserves your energy reserves (this is why you do not lose weight in the short term by starving yourself). Ultimately you starve to death.

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