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It's called "living common-law" and after several months (7 months in Canada) you are considered married as far legalities re Estates, children, etc. Your mom should see a lawyer about this as it's complicated. Your father may have left a Will, but if he didn't usually the Estate (house, cars, monies, stocks, bonds, etc.) would go to your mom. Good luck Marcy If you live in the U.S., many states no longer recognize common law marriage. There are only about a dozen states that still recognize common law marriage. Although there are a few additional states that recognize it if it was created before a certain date. IE Georgia will recognize a common law marriage if it was created before 01/01/97. But, in this situation, that

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Q: What happens when your dad left everything to your mom but they were never married because he was only separated from his wife and can the wife take the money even though she signed separation papers?
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