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Bridgette Ann Majella Sheridan has written:

'Childbirth midwifery and science the life and work of the french'

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What has the author Gerardo Majella written?

Gerardo Majella has written: 'La mia canzone errante'

What has the author Mary Majella Mackin written?

Mary Majella Mackin has written: 'Analytical chemistry in the British Isles in the nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries'

What has the author Sheridan written?

Sheridan. has written: 'Reminiscence' 'Le pedzouille'

What has the author Sheridan Linnell written?

Sheridan Linnell has written: 'Discoveries'

What has the author James Sheridan written?

James Sheridan has written: ''Sheridan of Sunningdale'' -- subject(s): Golf

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Philip Sheridan has written: 'Johnny on the spot'

What has the author Sheridan Simon written?

Sheridan Simon has written: 'Unprintable Physics'

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Sheridan Keith has written: 'Animal passions'

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Darlene Sheridan has written: 'Sheldon Centennial Book'

What has the author James Sheridan Muspratt written?

James Sheridan Muspratt has written: 'Chemistry'

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Ella Maude Stewart has written: 'Majella, or, Nameless and blind'

What has the author Francis Cynric Sheridan written?

Francis Cynric Sheridan has written: 'Galveston Island'

What has the author Richard George Sheridan written?

Richard George Sheridan has written: 'Urban justice'

What has the author Clare Consuelo Sheridan written?

Clare Consuelo Sheridan has written: 'Naked truth'

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Chris Sheridan has written: 'Count Basie' -- subject(s): Discography

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Elsa Sheridan Thomas has written: 'God loves a dumbbell'

What has the author Judy Sheridan written?

Judy Sheridan has written: 'How to Work with an Interior Designer' 'Accessorizing Style'

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E. Marcia Sheridan has written: 'Sex deffernces and reading'

What has the author RichardBrinsley Sheridan written?

RichardBrinsley Sheridan has written: 'The critic' -- subject(s): English drama

What has the author John Sheridan written?

John Sheridan has written: 'The present practice of the Court of King's Bench'

What has the author Jim Sheridan written?

Jim Sheridan has written: 'In America' -- subject(s): In America (Motion picture)

What has the author Sheridan Fenwick written?

Sheridan Fenwick has written: 'Getting it' -- subject(s): Erhard seminars training

What has the author John D Sheridan written?

John D. Sheridan has written: 'Funnily enough' 'Paradise alley'

What has the author J Sheridan Le Fanu written?

J. Sheridan Le Fanu has written: 'The Rose and the key'

What has the author Fiachra Sheridan written?

Fiachra Sheridan has written: 'The runners' -- subject- s -: Fiction, Teenage boys, Friendship

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