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What hotel in Paris has the best value?

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== == That's an extremely subjective question, since nearly everyone's idea of "value" is different. My own preference is for some of the smaller family-run hotels. You may not get a mint on your pillow or 3,459 cable TV channels, but they're less expensive, often very charming, and en tout cas you're there to see Paris and not watch CNN, non? There are hundreds of such places so trying to pick THE best one is probably a fruitless exercise. I've found a lot of good advice in Rick Steves' guides ( The last time I was in Paris I stayed at one of his suggestions in the 7e arrondissement and was quite satisfied. There are also sites where proprietors post terms of stay along with photos of their lodgings, so you can get a preview before you book. Just use a search engine like Google or Ask and type in some keywords like PARIS HOTELS.

2007-12-30 19:33:19
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What is the best voted hotel in Paris?

Hotel de Crillon

Where is the Best Western hotel in Paris located?

The Best Western Hotel in Paris is located in 18 Rue de Constantinople, 75008 Paris France. It is located in center of Paris, which is 650 meters from Place de Republique.

What are the best hotels in Paris?

Hotel du Louvre, Hotel Lutetia, Le Burgundy Paris, the W Hotel Paris Opera are all five star hotels located in Paris. There are also the Banke Hotel and the Derby Alma which are top rated, but not quite as expensive.

Is there a certain time of year to get the best discount on a hotel in Paris?

Yes, you get the best discount on a hotel in Paris generally around the fall. You can check out all the good deals at

Which boutique hotels exist in Paris?

There are over 100 boutique hotels in Paris. A few of them are Standard Design Hotel, BLC Design Hotel, Platine Hotel, and Color Design Hotel. These are four of the best rated.

What is the best hotel to stay at in Jackson MS?

In my experience, the Best Value Inn is the best hotel in Jackson, MS.

What is the best hotel in Paris near the Eiffel Tower?

As De Ronte

Is Oceania Porte versaille a great hotel?

Yeah! It is! The best hotel in Paris for me! I have been to ten hotels in Paris, cause I'm flying to Paris every year and I can say it's amazing (: You should book there

Where is the Hotel Bristol in Paris located?

The Hotel Bristol in Paris is located in the city of Paris, which is the capitol of France. Its address in Paris is Road 112 of Faubourg Saint-Honore. It is a hotel.

When was Disneyland Hotel - Paris - created?

Disneyland Hotel - Paris - was created in 1992.

What hotels are near the Eiffel Tower?

There are several within 1 km of Eiffel Tower:Pullman Paris Tour EiffelMercure Paris Suffren Tour EiffelBest Western Derby AlmaEiffel Rive GaucheEiffel SeineShangrila Hotel ParisHotel SezzRegina De Passy Hotel Le Marquis EiffelBest Western Hotel BelfortRelais BosquetHotel Passy EiffelBw Au TrocaderoLa Serre HotelValadon Colors

Where can one find more information about Paris hotel reservations?

Information about Paris hotel reservations can be found on hotel booking websites like France-Hotel-Guide and TripAdvisor. They offer reviews and maps of hotels in Paris.

Where is the Westminster Hotel located in Paris?

The full address for the Westminster Hotel in Paris, France is 13, Rue de la Paix, 75002 Paris, France. The hotel is rated at number 388 out of the 1,812 hotels in Paris.

What are the best Monaco hotels?

The best luxury hotels in Monaco are the Hotel Metropole, the Hermitage, the Fairmont, the Bay Hotel and Resort, Le Meridien Beach Plaza and Hotel De Paris. These hotels all have five stars.

What are rated the best hotels in Paris according to users on TripAdvisor?

Hotel Fouquet's Barriere is the top rated hotel on TripAdvisor. Hotel Le Bristol is second. The best way to find out is to used their website and search for your destination.

The Treaty of Paris was signed where?

In Paris at the Hotel d'York.

When was the Paris Hilton hotel built in Paris?


Where are hotels near Eiffel Tower?

These are all within less than a 1-mile radius of the Eiffel Tower: Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel Mercure Paris Suffren Tour Eiffel Best Western Derby Alma Eiffel Rive Gauche Eiffel Seine Shangrila Hotel Paris Hotel Sezz Regina De Passy Hotel Le Marquis Eiffel Best Western Hotel Belfort Relais Bosquet Hotel Passy Eiffel Bw Au Trocadero La Serre Hotel Valadon Colors

Best hotel deals in Paris, France?

If your a tourist in Paris, there are many good or even great hotels were you can do your reservations. There is this Paris Reservations that can help you find a place to stay in the City of Lights.

What is gastrotheque?

A hotel in Paris

Where can the Boutique Hotel Paris be found in the US?

After a five minute search, a Boutique Hotel Paris in the United States was not found. There are many boutique hotels in the U.S. but none called the Boutique Hotel Paris.

Where did Coco Chanel live in Paris?

Hotel Ritz Paris

Where in Paris are budget hotels located?

Budget hotels in Paris are obviously located in Paris. Some budget hotels that are in Paris are Hotel Georgette, Absolute Budget, and Hotel Ecole Centre.

Is there a hotel called Rue De Vaneau in Paris?

There is a hotel called Hotel Libertel Sevres Vaneau at 86 Rue de Vaneau, Paris.....but no hotel actually called Hotel Rue de Vaneau....

What is the service charge in Paris hotel?

Service charges may vary from hotel to hotel in Paris. Also the service charges will be different for different services you want to avail.