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There are absolutely no body parts that interchange with a 1991 mustang and 1991 cougar. The mustang is a fox body chassis and the cougar is on the mn12 chassis. The older cougars I believe pre 1988 were structurally similar to a mustang, by this i mean engine bays very similar and rear ends interchangeable. As far as the bodies they did not have interchangeable parts.

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Q: What if any are body parts are interchangeable between a 1991 mustang and a 1991 cougar?
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What if any car parts are interchangeable between a 2003 mustang and a1985 mustang?

pretty much no major parts are interchangable between the fox bodies and the newer mustangs

Are any newer Mustang parts interchangeable with a 1973 Mustang?

The driver.

1994 Ford Mustang body parts interchangeable with a 1996 mustang?

Yes just about everthing is interchangeable from just not the motor unless you want to convert your 5.0 to a 4.6

Are 1998 mustang parts and 2001 mustang parts interchangeable?

It depends on which parts you are trying to interchange. Some are and some aren't - you can cross-reference the part numbers with Ford to be sure.

Is there an interchangeable part for 1994 mustang window crank handle?

The interchangeable part for a 1994 Mustang window crank handle would be a 1991 to 1993 Mustang window crank handle. This part can also be found at some salvage yards for automobile parts.

Does ford Tuarus brake discs fit Ford Mustang?

Heck no !! FWD not interchangeable with RWD parts.

Need lots of parts for the Ford Mustang auto repairs?

Mustangs of different years has different kinds of parts. Some are interchangeable, some are not.

Does a 1999 Mercury Cougar moon roof fit a 2001?

yes 99-02 body parts are all interchangeable.

Are 5.0 mustang motor parts interchangeable with a 5.0 Lincoln motor?

For the most part yes. Unless it is a 5.0 H.O.

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Will any of the engine parts from a 97 Ford Mustang 4.6 v8 sohc interchange with a 97 ford f150 4.6 v8 cohc?

Look up the '94 Ford Mustang and F-150 in the parts catalog and compare part numbers to see which parts are interchangeable.

Are parts for a 1995 and 1192 Honda Civic interchangeable?

Many parts are interchangeable between a 1992 and 1995 Honda Civic, but always consult a qualified automotive mechanic before trying to use these parts.

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Which classic mustang parts are interchangeable?

All of them. Time and money are the only questions. If you don`t know the answer to the question moron then don`t give an answer.

Are 1995 and 1996 Galants interchangeable as far as parts?

1995 and 1996 Galant parts are interchangeable. Some of these interchangeable parts are the floor panels, handles, and aircon vents.

Is the Ford Thunderbird parts compatible with the mercury cougar?

Possibly. I have a 1995 Cougar with the 4.8L V8 and have used various parts from a 96 Thunderbird. My understanding is that, at least from 94 to 97 the 4.8l v8 engines are the same for the cougar, t-bird, mustang, Lincoln mark VII... You can find a usergroup online for cougars and thunderbirds, they have alot of info!

Can you interchange transmissions from a Lincoln ls to a mustang gt?

If you're talking 87-93 mustang and Lincoln mark VII, I think most engine transmission (automatic) parts are interchangeable. no they use different transmissions and engines

What parts are interchangeable with a 1990 ford ranger?

Interchangeable with what other vehicle? You list none. Some parts from the Explorer may be interchangeable with the Ranger.

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