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What if engine acelerate it self as son you put in drive?

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βˆ™ 2007-01-26 15:09:51

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Sounds like you have a Gremlin in the engine compartment, throw some water in there I hear they dont like that. But seriously I think your idle is set too high and the car wants to go a little too hard, ease it back to around 900 rpm ( for a 6 or 4 cyl ) and see if it is not better. Then of course there might be a malfunction in your cruise control module I cant tell from your description but remove the fuse to be sure.

2007-01-26 15:09:51
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Q: What if engine acelerate it self as son you put in drive?
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How can you tell if your car engine is loose?

If you mean loose/broken motor mounts, here is a way to check. Uou'll need a helper for this, open the hood,start the engine, put the vehicle in drive and step on both the gas and the brake, now carefully have the helper look at the engine and see if it moves upwards/sideways, if it does your engine its most likely loose. also if when you acelerate you hear a noise under the hood, that may be another sign.

Why does a ford ranger transmission jumps hard when put in drive form park?

a broken motor mount, when you put the truck in drive the engine is jumping. because the mount holding your engine is broke .

What causes a 1988 ranger to jump when place in drive?

Check the engine RPM. If the engine is running too fast when you put it into drive, it will cause the vehicle to jump.

Why does your car accelerate while in park?

when you take the car out of drive and put in park the drive mechanism or transmission does not put as much load on the engine so it runs faster.

Chevy van 350 engine will run but quits when put in drive?

torque converter

What is wrong when the engine dies when you put the car in drive?

if it's a GM car tcc solenoid

Why does the RPM needle go down when you put the 1997 Honda Civic in drive or reverse?

because in park or neutral the engine is free revving and when put in gear the engine is now turning internal transmission componets which puts a load on the engine

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What is the purpose of a water pump on a GMC Envoy?

to keep your engine running cool drive safe to keep your engine running cool drive safe If you don't put any water in the radiator, you will not need a water pump.

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What is causing a 1994 Chevy 1500 Diesel to surge when first put into drive?

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Will a 2.4L engine from a front wheel drive Buick skylark go into a 2002 Chevy S10 rear wheel drive?

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Why does the car make a thudding noise when put into first gear?

Thuds under torque, as when the car is put into drive, can be casued by too much engine movement due to damaged, weak or broken engine or transmission mounts.

What happens when you accidentally put coolant where motor oil goes?

You drain the oil immediately. If you run the engine with coolant mixed with the oil you will do serious harm to the engine. If you continue to drive it in this condition you will destroy the engine.

How do you know when your automatic transmission is slipping?

You push the accelerator with the car in drive and the engine revs up, but it won't go. This may be accompanied by a vibration or acrid smell.Also, when you put the car into drive, if its really slipping badly the car will not pull its self like it should. Or when you go into reverse your car trys to pause, or lock up.

What happens when gasoline is burned in an engine?

When gasoline is burned in an engine, it causes the pistons to go up and down. The pistons then turn the cam shaft which turns the transmission and drive shaft. The drive shaft turns the wheels after the car is put into gear.

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Where is the crank sensor at on a 1987 buick century front wheel drive 2.8?

The sensor is on the back side of engine at the lip of the oil pan put installed in the engine block.

What happens if you put engine fluid in power steering fluid?

You will screw your steering system. You need to flush steering system ASAP. And of course do not drive with engine oil in steering.

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