What if someone refuses to repay a loan?

If you have any proof you loaned someone money, such as a contract, an I.O.U., an email discussing the loan, etc., and the loan is below a certain amount, you can take the person to small claims court to recover your money. Go to Google, key-in "small claims court" and the name of your city and state, and you should find out more info. I just went throught this procedure to recover money from a deadbeat "friend", and I believe my local small claims court set their limit to claims involving sums below $1500.00. The court used a contract process server to alert my "freind that she was being sued, and that's all it took for her to put a check in my mailbox the next day. It cost me about $25.00 to fill out the paperwork at the court, and I had to pay the process server another $50.00. but I got my $500.00 back! Good Luck!