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What if the company that repoed your vehicle sells it for less than you owe?

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They will look to you for the remaining balance

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Where do you stand if repossessed truck is sold for less then the loan?

You are responsible for the remaining balance of what the vehicle sells for and what you owed when it was repo'd.

What are the IRS rules on car donation?

The IRS rules on car donations is that donors can claim a deduction on the vehicle as long as the vehicle is of use to the charity, the charity sells the vehicle to the needy for much less than the market price.

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How much does a repossessed vehicle sale at action?

Truthfully a repossessed vehicle sells for what the bank is trying to get out of it and that is usually what is owed on the original loan and sometimes they will accept less for a number of reasons just to get rid of it and that would be damage to the vehicle, age and mileage.

When a car gets repoed and sold at an auction for less than its value can the leading company put a lien on your credit report for the balance?

The lender will get a JUDGEMENT for the balance due and put THAT on your CR. And then use their OTHER legal options.

If you have a voluntary repossession and the vehicle sells for less than owed can the lender garnish your wages for the difference?

YES, in most states under most conditions.

Can you get insurance on a reconstructed title car?

The insurance company will not know that the vehicle has been reconstructed unless you tell them up front. The problem comes if you have an accident or claim which totals the vehicle. The value of a vehicle that been a total loss is far less than a vehicle that has not so the company will evaluate the value of your vehicle at a far lower amount when time to pay you in a total situation. This is a fact that you need to be aware of in case you do total the vehicle again. The company is obligated to pay you the value of the vehicle at the time immediately before your accident. This is fair as you pay far less for it versus buying an undamaged vehicle but you will pay premiums the same as anyone else.

How much damage does it take to total a vehicle?

The older the vehicle, the less the damage. The insurance company makes a judgment in each case as to whether it is cheaper to repair the vehicle or to 'write it off' its books and scrap it.

What does the insurance company do when a car is not total in a wrecked?

If a vehicle is damaged in an auto accident the insurance company that insures the vehicle has the option to repair it, replace it, or pay the actual cash value of the car. The last one is in the case of a total loss and the company never tries to replace a vehicle anymore. In this case it would repair the vehicle and pay for the cost of repair less your deductible which you will be responsible to pay for yourself.

What do you do if it costs more to fix a wrecked automobile than the vehicle is worth?

If you have physical damage coverage on your policy and the cost to repair the vehicle is more than the value of the vehicle then the insurance company will total the vehicle. In the case of a total loss, the insurance company will pay you the actual cash value of the vehicle less any deductible you have. On all insurance policies, where you have physical damage coverage, the insurance company has the option to repair the vehicle, pay the actual cash value of the vehicle, or replace the vehicle. Companies never replace the vehicle.

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What happens when 2008 car is repoed?

You will have a certain amount of time to bring the loan current and get your car back. Otherwise it will be auctioned off, if you are lucky enough and the car auctions for at least what you owe on it, you will only have to deal the with scar of a reposession on your credit. If it sells for less that what you still owe on the loan, you are responsible for paying that back.

What happens after a vehicle is repossessed?

The lender sells the vehicle, sometimes at auction. They attempt to get whatever they can for it. Often the price the lender gets is less than the outstanding loan. If the lender gets less for the vehicle than the amount that is owed, the lender will seek the balance (the difference between what was owed and what they sold it for) from the borrower. So, lets say you bought a car for $1000. You quit making payments. You still owed $800 when the vehicle was repo'd. The lender sells the vehicle at auction and gets $500 for it. The lender will come after you for the remaining $300. That's pretty much how it works. Bottom line: make your payments. This is where aflac comes in handy.

Does gap insurance cover a vehicle that's insured when in accident?

No, you are misstating what GAP coverage is. GAP insurance is a separate type of insurance that you can purchase as part of your finance agreement or on your personal auto insurance. What GAP does is pay the difference in what your insurance company pays and what is actually owed on the finance account for the vehicle. This is especially important when a vehicle is newer. An auto insurance policy pays either the cost of repair, replacement of the vehicle, or actual cash value of the vehicle at the insurance companies option. If the vehicle is totaled they pay ACV which on a fairly new vehicle is less than the purchase price. Purchasing GAP insurance is usually far less expensive when purchased from your insurance company than the finance company.

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If your car is declared a total loss how much will the insurance company pay back to you if the car was purchased below book value?

Regardless of what you paid for the vehicle, in most cases,if your vehicle is deemed a total loss, you will be paid the local market value of your vehicle. If you happened to purchase your vehicle for less than that, you lucked out:)

How is Esure's car insurance's policies?

If you are looking for an insurance company that is customer friendly, Esure is the company for you. They provide a complimentary coutesy car if something were to happen to yours, they will replace your vehicle, if less than a year old (if there is a high percentage of damage to yours) and you are covered if your vehicle were to catch on fire or if stolen.

What will happen if you give the car back but put sugar in the tank or ruin the transmission or damage the car?

The vehicle will be taken to the auto auction and if it sells for anything less than the amount that you owe on the note will still be your responsibility. If it is determined that you deliberately sabotaged the vehicle you can be prosecuted for damaging property that is owned by someone else. Yes, the vehicle is "owned" by the lending institution as soon as the court grants the vehicle repossession.

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Does comprehensive auto insurance pay off and replace the vehicle in the event of auto theft?

Comprehensive is the coverage that would pay for the theft of a vehicle. The policy spells out the insurance companies options on payment. On any claim, the insurance company has the option to repair, replace, or pay the actual cash value of the vehicle in the event of any loss. Generally they do not replace a vehicle but pay the actual cash value less your deductible then allow you to purchase a replacement vehicle. As a matter of full disclosure, I own and operate a small Independent Insurance Agency and have for the part 22 years. Before that I worked as an agent for a direct writer insurance company. As for the payoff of the loan on the vehicle, the insurance company will have to issue payment to the bank up to the amount owed on the vehicle. The amount they pay has nothing to do with the balance on the loan. If you owe less than the ACV then the balance will be paid to you. If you owe more than the ACV then you will have to pay the difference to the bank or finance company.

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If a vehicle has 'full coverage' and is stolen how much will the insurance company pay out?

if it is recovered and repairable they will pay to repair less your comp deductible, if not recovered they will pay the actual cash value of the vehicle less your comp deduct, also sales tax (or credit) title/licensing fees etc......

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