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you need to get the tank cleaned and may need the lines changed do not drive as sugar will destroy the engine

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Q: What if the fuel in your tank and lines is real sticky is sugar in the tank possible How do you fix?
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Is sugar soluble in Petrol?

No it isn't. Sugar in the petrol tank can still clog fuel lines and petrol filters though.

Is it possible to replace metal fuel lines exiting the fuel pump at top of gas tank on 92 Subaru Legacy Wagon 4WD?

yes, but you have to remove the exhaust, differential and crossmember to get the tank out to get to the lines.

How do you drain the fuel tank on a 1991 Lumina?

Remove it or poke a hole in it. There is no drain plug. It is also possible to disconnect the fuel lines at the fuel filter and use the vehicles fuel pump ( if it is working ) to drain the fuel from the tank.

What is the procedure for repairing sugar in the fuel tank?

The fuel pump, and filter will need replaced. The tank will need cleaned out. The lines will need cleaned and the injectors may need replaced.

What are the lines for that go from the fuel tank to engine in a 2002 chev suburban?

Fuel lines, carrying fuel.

Why won't your 2001 Pontiac Sunfire start after you ran it out of gas then refilled it?

The reason is: When you completely run out of gas your gas lines are completely drained of fuel. When you refuel the car the fuel lines are still empty, and you will need to crank the car until the fuel pump has filled the gas lines and established the correct fuel pressure. it's possible you burnt up the fuel pump running it with no gas.

Is the fuel hose made of rubber in a Jeep liberty diesel?

Some sections of the fuel lines are rubber.Some sections of the fuel lines are rubber.

Find the fuel filter on a 1997 sonoma?

Follow the fuel lines from the fuel pump toward the engine. You will find the filter.Follow the fuel lines from the fuel pump toward the engine. You will find the filter.

Where do the fuel lines connect to the fuel pump?


Sugar in the gas tank?

First off, it is a myth that sugar will ruin an engine. Sugar will not dissolve in gasoline. It may clog the fuel filter or possibly the injectors, but it will not ruin your engine. If very little sugar was poured into the tank, then just change the filter maybe a few times and drive on. If lots of sugar was added, you may need to remove the tank and flush it out, replace the filter, and flush the fuel lines.

What is the fuel made from sugar cane?

Ethanol fuel

Which one of the following poses a great a great danger?

leaking fuel lines

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