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Call a local towing company to come get it as a towaway.

Right. And face charges for illegally hiding the asset. If the lender will not pick the collateral up, ask where you can deliver it, and do so. If the lender refuses to give you a place to deliver the asset, send the lender a certified letter return receipt requested asking for a place and time to deliver the asset. Send a regular mail copy as well.

Allow a month or two for a response. If there is no response, and they received the regular mail letter even if you get the registered letter back unclaimed, they will have a problem going after you. Be sure to keep copies or originals of all documents.

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Q: What if the lender will not pick up the car?
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Can lender refuse to pick up car and still refuse to release title?

The title is only released when the debt or loan is paid in full. If you want the lender to pick up the car, I'm guessing that you can't or don't want to make the payments. The lender can refuse to pick up the car, but, if the debt remains unpaid, they will probably have the car repossessed which will negatively affect your credit rating.

If a repo has been placed on your car but you pay for the car before they pick it up can they still pick it up?

Contact the lender they are the ones who call off the repo.

Can you use your car as collateral for a loan?

Yes, your car can be used a collateral but it is up to the lender.Yes, your car can be used a collateral but it is up to the lender.Yes, your car can be used a collateral but it is up to the lender.Yes, your car can be used a collateral but it is up to the lender.

If you have a voluntary repossession on your credit but no one has picked up the car how long do they have to pick it up before you can sell it or fix it?

If the lender refuses to pick up the car and still wants you to pay the balance what do you do?

K, you can deliver the car to the lender OR you can look at it. There is a reason WHY they wont pick it up. Does it run? Is it wrecked? Is it worth P/U? I suspect it is NOT. Whatever happens , you WILL pay the balance. Your best option is to make some kind of payment arrangements with the lender. Large or small, send something on a regular basis. Good Luck

If you are the buyer but the cosigner has the car and is 3 months behind on the payments can you just go pick up the car?

IF and only IF, you are listed on the TITLE as co-owner, you can go get the car. CO-SIGNORS have to let the lender do it their way.

You still have your car but the repo man called and told you that he needed to pick up your car what do you do?

Get hold of whoever it is that you should have paid money to (bank, car dealer...). If you can, pay what you owe, or agree on another payment plan. Once you and the lender have reached a new agreement the lender can call the repo off, and you'd get to keep the car.

If you keep a car after filing bankruptcy can you turn the auto in later?

IF the lender will accept it. they dont always pick them up, it depends on the condition of the car, VALUE of the car, amount owed, time of sunrise in New Zealand, ect.

How do cars get voluntarily repossessed if they are not still in the same state they were purchased in?

The person who has the car calls the lender and tells them where to pick it up. the lender might say"just drop it off at XYZ dealership"....or they might send someone to your home to get it.

What should you do if the lender obtained a judgment to repossess your motorcycle eight months ago and they have yet to pick up the motorcycle and you are in Wisconsin and the lender is in Texas?

Nothing..... it is the responiblty of the lender to arrange someone in your state to repo the bike (or car). Keep your insurance on the bike just in case something happens to it in the meantime.

What type of car do you pick people up with?

A pick up truck!

How many days do you have to pick up vehicle?

You need to contact the lender. Only they can provide that answer.

When you are applying for a personal loan does the cosigner have to physically be there or could they fax?

That is up to the lender.That is up to the lender.That is up to the lender.That is up to the lender.

Return a finance car to the lender?

My car was crashed and I lost my job. How do I return the finance car to the lender?

How do you pick up a girl for a date?

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Can a lender help avoid you having to pay for a car you cannot afford?

When you bought the car, the lender paid the dealer for the car, and you are making payments to the lender, plus interest. The lender will not help you avoid paying him.

How long after a Chapter 7 discharge does a creditor have to take back a car that you did not reaffirm?

There's no rule. It may not be worth it for the lender to repo or take the vehicle. To be safe, you may want to send the lender a letter, certified return receipt, giving a time, date and place to pick the vehicle up. If the lender does not, be sure to keep the letter and green card to prove the lender abandoned it. Then you will want to get the title. You may have to sue the lender for it.

Is it unlawful for your car to be repossessed if you pay all that is due after the car is in repo status?

Perhaps it is. That's a maybe. Some loan contracts have a clause in them that defaults the car to the lender in the event the contract is breached. In these cases, the lender will pick up the car as soon as the borrower becomes delinquent in payments. Many of these lenders will not return the vehicle either, preferring rather to sell the car at auction, and collect the remaining balance through other means.

Can they garnish your wages in Florida if you let the lender pick up your car due to financial hardship and you can't make the payments?

YES. IF they couldnt, everyone would move to FLA. to let their car go back.. Good Try but NO candy ...

What if the market value is below the mortgage amount - would a deed in lieu of foreclosure still work?

That is up to the lender. You need to contact the lender.That is up to the lender. You need to contact the lender.That is up to the lender. You need to contact the lender.That is up to the lender. You need to contact the lender.

Bankruptcy surrender Lender will not pick up vehicle?

Take your hands out of the situation and let your attorney handle it.

Can most tornadoes pick up a car?

No. Most tornadoes could not pick up a typical car. However, a fair portion still can.

If filing Chapter 7 including a car that will not be reaffirmed should you contact the lender for a voluntary repo or wait until they contact you?

It would be simpler for all parties if you contact them and voluntarily surrendered the car at the lender's discretion. Although you do not legally have to reliquish any property until the BK is discharged. How much time do you want to buy? The court will tell you what to do if you don't contact the lender. The court will contact the lender after you file and ask what the lender wants...actually, where and when he will pick up his assets. Usually a month.

Do you need a writ of repossession in order to pick up a vehicle?

No. Tennessee law simply states that the lender or it's agent may not "breach the peace". This is usually viewed as causing a loud scene. Most repo agents will pick up the car when the owner is asleep or out somewhere shopping to avoid a confrontation.

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